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What no alcohol?

What no alcohol?

Alcohol-free wine. There's no such thing. So why is it being made? Joelle Thomson blog on MiNDFOOD.

What no alcohol?

Hedonistic it may sound, but it was the alcohol as well as the taste that first got me interested in wine.

Sorry if I’m stating the obvious but when a new trio of alcohol-free wines arrived for me to try I was less than excited.

I haven’t yet cracked them open because I’m surrounded in the real stuff – wine that is wine because it’s the made from fermented grapes and therefore contains alcohol…you know, that little thing that enhances our feeling of happiness if taken in moderation.

Last time I checked The Oxford Companion to Wine clearly defines wine as: “Alcoholic drink made by fermenting the juice of fruits or berries.”

The narrower definition in the Companion is that wine is the alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of the juice of freshly gathered grapes.

Google wine and you’ll get the same answer. Wikipedia? Defines wine as an alcoholic beverage.

Wine is an alcoholic drink. When I get round to tasting these new alcohol-free “wines”, I’ll let you know what I think.

In the meantime, a couple of real wines received this week have me in a happy state.

The riesling lovers at Pegasus Bay winery have released the new vintage of their standard flag bearer and 2008 Pegasus Bay Riesling is a beautiful succulent wine with lingering luscious flavours.

Then there’s the winery’s third dry riesling, this year renamed Pegasus Bay Bel Canto Dry Riesling. It tastes as golden as the sunlight that ripened the grapes to make it. I love this wine, especially as it contains alcohol and in this case a whopping 14 per cent, which I will cope with. I live in a house full of wine and do resist the urge to drink it all in one go.

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