The secret to making the best gin cocktails at home + coffee negroni recipe


The secret to making the best gin cocktails at home + coffee negroni recipe
Try something new with this Bombay Sapphire Coffee Negroni recipe

Following the success of their Creativity Labs earlier this year, Bombay Sapphire has introduced Stir Creativity cocktail kits. The kits are tailored to beginners, intermediates and experts, providing everything you need to craft inventive cocktails at home and develop your mixology skills.

This coffee negroni is featured as an additional recipe idea in Bombay Sapphire’s Stir Creativity Ferments & Infusions Lab.

Bombay Sapphire ambassador Chase Bickerton says when making gin cocktails, the first step is to know your gin and its botanicals. Here are some of his expert tips for nailing your at-home gin cocktails:

  • Use fresh ingredients in your cocktails. “Bombay Sapphire only uses real botanicals in its formulation and any cocktail made with Bombay Sapphire will benefit from being made with the same ethos in mind.
  • Glassware is important. “Not only to the aesthetics of the drink but also to the way you perceive the flavours of the cocktail. That’s why many choose to drink their Bombay Sapphire & Tonics from Copa de Balon glasses. These large, fish bowl like glasses from Spain are perfect for Bombay Sapphire & Tonics as the shape of the glass helps trap the aromas of the drink, giving the lucky person imbibing a better chance to enjoy the flavours.”
  • Cocktails can be matched with food to create a culinary experience. “Again, look to the botanicals and flavours in the gin for direction on what it will pair with best. For example, the lemon & coriander seed used in Bombay Sapphire leads it to matching well with citrus & ginger flavours, or you can draw on the peppery notes of the cubeb berry or grains of paradise used in Bombay Sapphire to match it to dishes with a touch of spice.”

Bombay Sapphire Coffee Negroni Recipe

Coffee-infused Bombay Sapphire


75g coffee beans
225ml Bombay Sapphire


1. Take 75g coffee beans and your infusion jar and add 225mL of Bombay Sapphire
2. Leave in a cool, dry place for about seven days, tasting your infusion each day until you achieved your preferred flavour profile
3. Strain the solution through a coffee filter into a clean glass bottle.

Bombay Sapphire Coffee Negroni


30ml coffee-infused Bombay Sapphire
30ml Campari
30mL sweet (Rosso) vermouth


1. Chill an old fashioned or rocks glass by filling it with ice and set aside
2. Take your mixing glass and add coffee-infused Bombay Sapphire, Campari and vermouth
3. Fill your mixing glass with ice and stir for roughly 20 seconds. Taste it to ensure you achieve the dilution you prefer, remembering that the cocktail will continue to dilute and evolve after it is served
4. Discard the ice and water from your old fashioned or rocks glass and fill with fresh ice
5. Strain your cocktail into your glass
6. Garnish with a large orange wheel down the side of the glass and enjoy.

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