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How to steer clear of cracked skin during winter

It is common to suffer from dry skin during the colder months. Taking care to protect it will help prevent sore, cracked areas....

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Modern vanilla perfumes confirm the spice can be chic and grown up

Grown-up gourmand fragrances created around vanilla are changing the warm element’s reputation in perfumery.

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The Best New Skincare Arrivals To Transform Your Skin

These brand new skincare releases are just the thing to shake up your routine and smooth and brighten tired and dull skin

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What is Collagen Banking? The preventative skincare trend you need to know

Collagen Banking is the skincare term taking the beauty industry by storm in 2024. But what does it mean?

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Five of the best foundation brushes for flawless-looking skin

They say a a good craftsman doesn’t blame his tools, but if your makeup isn’t turning out like a work of art, it might be time to do just that.

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Can you capture a steaming coffee in a candle? Diptyque has

French fragrance house Diptyque has a new range inspired by a famous Parisian cafe, and MECCA has a created a pop-up recreation cafe in Melbourne to celebrate.

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Rita Ora launches haircare line with Australian beauty entrepreneur

Singer Rita Ora is launching into the beauty business with a new haircare brand promising ‘hair growth, no matter your hair type.’

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Swedish pharmacy limits sale of skincare products to minors

Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat has moved to restrict the sale of selected skincare products to those under 15.

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Five travel beauty must-haves to use in-flight

Our skin doesn’t love travelling as much as we do. Take a minute or two in-flight to care for it and arrive looking rested and refreshed, even if you’re feeling far from it.

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Have you tried retinal? The powerful but gentle retinol alternative is taking off

Retinol is respected for its ability to minimise the impacts of aging on skin but Retinal has been found to be more effective, faster acting and even easier to tolerate.

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Summer’s over, so how much sun can (and should) I get?

As we slide of out summer, you might be wondering how careful you need to be about sun exposure. Excessive exposure causes skin cancer, but sun exposure also has benefits. How do you balance the two?

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Cold change: Time To Switch To A Winter Moisturiser

These new dream creams add in an extra dose of hydration and support your skin’s protective barrier.

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How to manage rosacea: Expert skincare tips

Does your skin flush at the drop of a hat and appear red and irritated? It could be Rosacea.

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Rich, intense, ‘beast-mode’ perfumes the trend to try for autumn

Modern perfumery has tended to the light and airy side of things in recent times, but that is changing with a new guard of scents made to be noticed.

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What your hair can tell you about your health

Hair speaks volumes. The way we cut, style and colour often acts as a representation of who we are.

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Is hyaluronic acid as effective as skincare brands claim?

Hyaluronic acid has become a huge buzzword in the beauty industry, with everything from creams and cleansers to shampoos containing it.

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Celebrity Bob Inspiration: 2024’s Most-Wanted Hairstyle

Resolutely ignoring the potential to sound like a broken record: 2024 will be the ‘Year of the Bob’.

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How to prevent eyeliner smudging: Tricks for budgeproof makeup

Is your eye makeup constantly fading, creasing and smudging? We explore some easy fixes and the best eyeliners to shop now.

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French fashion house Celine launches into beauty with new lipstick line

Luxury fashion brand Celine is moving into the beauty business with a new makeup collection.

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How to wear false eyelashes

Wearing a set of false lashes sounds worryingly dramatic to most people, but you might be pleasantly surprised by the eye-opening abilities a fluffy, natural set provides.

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Five simple changes to achieve glowing skin

It can be overwhelming to consider all the advice out there on how to improve skin health but you don’t have to completely overhaul your routine to see benefits.

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What is a ‘no-nicure’? The surprising red-carpet beauty trend

Stars at the Oscars opted for a nude manicure look that embraced short, chic and understated nails.

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Why and how often do I need to wash makeup brushes and sponges?

Keeping makeup brushes clean can help keep your skin in clear, healthy and bright condition.

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Surefire Ways To Prevent Lipstick Bleeding Into Fine Lip Lines

Sick of lipstick slipping and sliding or feathering into fine lip lines?

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Hair Products For Men: How To Choose

The sheer number of creams and pomades and gels can make it confusing to get the hair style you want. Here’s what to look for, according to an expert.

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