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Five simple changes to achieve glowing skin

By Cover Media via Reuters Connect

How To Get Glowing skin 2024
It can be overwhelming to consider all the advice out there on how to improve skin health but you don't have to completely overhaul your routine to see benefits.

The key is to make small changes and see how you skin adapts as introducing too many skincare products to your skin at once can cause reactions, breakouts and sensitivity.

Kim van Haaster, founder and CEO of Bloomeffects, has shared her insightful skincare tips for achieving glowing and healthy skin as we transition into a new season.

Cleansing routine

Cleansing with water in the morning will help you avoid drying out your skin.

“Cleanse with water only,” Kim advises. “In the morning, when you haven’t been exposed to external factors, a gentle water cleanse is sufficient. Over-cleansing can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness.”

The expert also recommends double cleansing in the evening.

“To effectively remove makeup, sunscreen, and daily impurities, a two-step cleansing process is necessary,” she says. “The first step melts away makeup, and the second thoroughly cleanses the skin, maintaining a healthy barrier function and balanced microbiome.”

Simplicity is key

Try to avoid introducing too many new products to your skin at once, as this can lead to breakouts.

“Introduce one product at a time. Adding too many new products or actives at once can overwhelm the skin,” Kim warns. “Introducing products gradually allows you to assess their efficacy and prevents compromising the skin barrier with an excess of active ingredients.”

Fragrance-free skincare

When choosing new skincare products, opt for fragrance-free options as they are gentler on the skin.

“Avoid all fragrances in skincare. No essential oils or ‘natural’ fragrances either!” the expert exclaims. “Steer clear of fragrances in skincare due to the potential for skin irritation and sensitisation. If you enjoy pleasant smells during your skincare application use alternative methods like reed diffusers or true eau de parfum.”

She adds, “It’s important to prioritise skin health over unnecessary sensory elements in skincare products.”

Apply humectants to damp skin

Humectants can help keep your skin feeling hydrated, especially when applied to damp skin.

“Humectants, which include ingredients such as glycerine, AHAs, and hyaluronic acid, attract moisture and create a barrier on the surface of dry skin to lock in moisture,” Kim explains. “Applying them to damp skin enhances their effectiveness by locking in additional hydration, resulting in a plump and moisturised complexion.”

Layering products

When layering your skincare products, it is important to apply them from the thinnest to the thickest.

Kim states, “Water-based serums should be applied first, allowing them to penetrate the skin effectively. Oils and occlusive ingredients should then be applied last to seal in moisture and create a protective barrier.”


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