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Teenage skincare routines: Everything you need to know

By Cover Media

Teenage skincare routines: Everything you need to know
Teenagers often believe that they need expensive skincare products due to recommendations on social media.

An increasing number of teenagers, and even pre-teen enthusiasts, are following skincare trends from social media, but it might be unnecessary.

Social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, are crammed full of skincare recommendations and how-to guides. As a result, many teenagers are hopping on the trends.

In response, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto has revealed what a teenage skincare routine should look like.

“I’m aware that at present there is a social media trend for teenagers showcasing their luxury skincare routines (often with many steps), especially on platforms such as TikTok,” Dr Mahto begins.

“As a Consultant Dermatologist, I feel it is essential to emphasise that a 13-year-old’s skincare routine should prioritise basic hygiene, rather than unnecessary complexity.”

According to the expert, teenagers should start with a cleanser.

“Firstly, I would recommend cleansing twice daily, coupled with the use of a suitable moisturiser designed for oily or combination skin – this forms a good solid foundation to work from,” she says.

“Given the hormonal fluctuations typical in teenagers, which may lead to oily or blemish-prone skin, the incorporation of cleansers that contain mild actives like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can be beneficial,” Dr Mahto continues.

“Additionally, for adolescents engaging in outdoor sports (such as tennis, rowing, rugby or football)  or spending time outdoors, the inclusion of a sunscreen with a factor of 30-50 on all exposed areas is advisable.”

The expert points out that teens should avoid using any anti-ageing products.

“Something I feel quite strongly about is discouraging the adoption of intricate anti-ageing routines that involve actives like vitamin C, retinoids and other exfoliating acids,” Dr Mahto states.

“Teenagers are sometimes overly concerned about premature ageing. I recently saw a 14-year-old in (the) clinic who was concerned about crow’s feet. She had undoubtedly been influenced by social media and influencers.”

Dr Mahto also notes that it is not usually necessary for teenagers to use gender-specific or expensive and elaborate products and it is not a good idea to keep switching between different formulations.

“If you’re concerned about your teen’s skin, please consult with a Consultant Dermatologist or your GP as medical intervention and guidance may be required,” she concludes.


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