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Beef Brisket Sauerkraut Burger (1)
Beef Brisket Sauerkraut Burger
When it comes to cooking these days, most of us are searching for convenience and quality. And yet, it seems we are often having to forgo one for the other, be it spending hours in the kitchen to make a delicious meal, or settling for bland dishes that are easy to make. Now, with their new range of PURE Burgers, Silver Fern Farms are giving customers the best of both worlds: premium quality 97-99% red meat burgers conveniently available in the freezer aisle.

Unlike many other frozen meat products that are filled with preservatives and fillers, Silver Fern Farms let the quality of their finest cuts of meat shine through. Sourced from farms around New Zealand, each PURE Burger contains 97-99% grass-fed red meat and is simply seasoned with salt, pepper and, for the beef and venison products, collagen, which makes for a juicier, more tender burger while reducing fat splatter in the pan when cooking. Not only does this pure quality result in a more flavoursome product, but means the PURE* Burgers are a fantastic option for people with different dietary needs, being both gluten-free and keto-friendly. Plus, the larger packs make them a handy freezer staple for any occasion, from weeknight meals to weekend gatherings.

While passionate about bringing their range of premium meat products to all Kiwis, Silver Fern Farms understands not every family has the opportunity to purchase quality red meat. That’s why for every pack of PURE* Burgers sold, they are donating $1 to Meat the Need, a charity that works with local food banks and City Missions to supply high-quality nutrition to those who need it most.

Lyndon McNab is one of the many Silver Fern Farmers involved in the initiative. The third-generation farmer, who lives in Owaka, South Otago, says he had already seen the need for this kind of initiative, so when Silver Fern Farms presented him with the chance to get involved in Meat the Need, he knew he’d want to help make a difference. “I grew up with animal protein on the table. We sort of took it for granted as kids. When I had my own kids and got more involved in the wider community, it opened my eyes to the fact that that’s not necessarily commonplace,” he says. “We’re in a strong position to be able to help out and it feels very relevant when it’s something you’re actually producing. When this opportunity came along, it was perfect for us.”

Venison & Beef Burgers with Beetroot Chutney & Slaw

Haven’t tried venison before? These burgers using Silver Fern Farms PURE 97% Venison & Beef Burgers with Venison Short Rib are a great way to experience it’s delicate, distinctive flavour.

Venison & Beef Burgers with Beetroot Chutney & Slaw

Indian Spiced Lamb Rump Burger with Naan

These succulent Indian Spiced Lamb Rump Burgers with Naan are a great week-night dinner option. Using Silver Fern Farms PURE 99% Lamb Burgers with Rump and naan instead of a burger bun, these put a spin on a traditional burger and are fun to eat.


Indian Spiced Lamb Rump Burger with Naan better

Brisket Bao Bun Sliders

Made with Silver Fern Farms PURE 97% Beef Sliders with Brisket grilled on the barbecue, and served with tangy pickled vegetables, sriracha mayonnaise and a squeeze of lime, these soft bao buns are perfect to serve when entertaining.


Brisket Bao Bun Sliders (1)

Beef Brisket Sauerkraut Burger

With a creamy mustard sauce, swiss cheese, gherkins, pretzel buns and sauerkraut, this is a classic beef burger with a slight tangy twist. Using Silver Fern Farms PURE 97% Beef Burgers with Brisket grilled on a barbeque, these burgers really couldn’t be easier to make.


Beef Brisket Sauerkraut Burger (1)

Mexican Queso Beef Burgers with Short Rib

Pairing Silver Fern Farms PURE 97% Beef Burgers with Short Rib with a mouth-watering cheesy queso sauce, these burgers are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Mexican Queso Beef Burgers with Short Rib

Silver Fern Farms PURE* Burgers are available in supermarket freezers now.

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*PURE Burgers are 97% red meat with added salt, pepper and collagen



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