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A yoga studio has decided cats belong in class, not shelters

A yoga studio has decided cats belong in class, not shelters

Hold the downward dog pose! It's all about cats in this yoga studio that helps shelter kitties find forever homes

A yoga studio has decided cats belong in class, not shelters

Studies have shown that a purring cat can bring the heart rate of humans down, helping them reach a relaxed state.

Now Yoga at Connie’s, in collaboration with animal shelter, Homeward Bound has trialled six felines freely wandering around the yogis as they transitioned between poses.

Beyond just assisting the yogis with their meditation, the cats presence was also intended for another purpose. The concept to include the animals arose after shelter volunteers and the yoga studio decided to find a new way to introduce the cute cats to their future owners.

Photo: Homeward Bound Shelter

Although  Jeanette Skaluba volunteers at a shelter, she said that many people find them depressing places and avoid them as a result.

By allowing the cats to explore the yoga studio, people were able to see the cats in action, interacting and being playful.

Photo: Homeward Bound Shelter


The organisers hoped that by showcasing their personalities in this way, the cats had a better chance of finding their forever homes, as people could envisage these pets in their home environment.

Yoga Teacher Connie Pease said, “The ones that were really active really made the class a lot of fun. They jumped on the students and kissed them. One had their butt in my face, but we had so much fun with them.”

Photo: Homeward Bound Shelter

The experiment which was also a fundraising idea, raised money for the shelter, with one of the kitties even managing to find a new home.

Do you think this could be a good way for animals to find a family?

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