Meet Wain, the World’s Oldest Wombat


Wain is thought to be oldest wombat alive.(Instagram: hayashisakura.wom)
Wain is thought to be oldest wombat alive.(Instagram: hayashisakura.wom)
The world's oldest-known wombat, affectionately named Wain or Mr Wine, is defying the odds as he approaches his mid-30s.

Wain has surpassed the typical lifespan of a wild wombat by an impressive 20 years. Originally hailing from Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Wain has spent the majority of his life in Japan.

Rescued as an orphan back in November 1989, Wain briefly received care in northern Tasmania before embarking on a unique journey overseas.

Wain found a new home in Ikeda, thanks to the efforts of Androo Kelly. Kelly is the owner of Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania who helped establish Wain’s home there when the wombat was one year old.

“I worked with [Satsukiyama Zoo] to develop an adequate wombat facility to house three wombats,” Mr Kelly said.

“They were exported to Japan in 1990 … and within two years they had bred two wombats, which was quite unique.

World’s Oldest Wombat

Despite showing signs of his age, Wain remains in remarkable condition, a testament to the care and attention he has received throughout his extraordinary life.

Wain outlived his offspring and in 2022, the zoo discovered Wain was the oldest-known wombat in the world.

He still reigns as the world’s oldest wombat today, as acknowledged by Guiness World Records.

“[He] is doing well considering his age.” Kelly said.

“He still shuffles around and goes into his hollow log … and does a little bit of digging.

“He’s just slower, that’s all.”




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