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Easy-To-Make: Dulce De Leche

Easy-To-Make: Dulce De Leche

This caramel sauce can be used in ice-cream mixes, on chocolate caramel slice, salted with meringues, or added to any baking or desserts for a simple caramel flavouring.

Easy-To-Make: Dulce De Leche

To make dulce de leche at home you need a 375ml can of sweetened condensed milk.

Use a large, deep pot filled with room temperature water. Remove label from tin. Place a heat proof cloth, like a clean tea towel, in the bottom of the pot, then lay the tin on its side in the pot. Ensure the tin is covered by at least 7cm of water.

Put the pot over heat and bring the water to a simmer, about 95°C. Do not allow water to boil. Simmer for 2 hours. Watch the water level to make sure it doesn’t fall below the original amount.

The longer you simmer the darker the dulce de leche will be. After two hours, remove from the water. Allow to cool completely before opening the lid.

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