Camembert with Drunken Fruit and Caramel Sauce


Camembert with Drunken Fruit and Caramel Sauce
This creamy camembert and poached fruit recipe is an entertainer’s dream – it’s oh so easy, delicious and impressive, and it works as both an appetiser and an indulgent after-dinner treat.

This creamy Camembert with Drunken Fruit and Caramel Sauce is an entertainer’s dream, serve the gooey Whitestone Lindis Pass Camembert with poached quince and caramel sauce, walnuts and wafer biscuits.

Camembert with Drunken Fruit and Caramel Sauce Recipe

Serves 4


1 x 150g Whitestone Lindis Pass Camembert
1 just-ripe quince, peeled
¼ cup sugar or honey
150g fresh Medjool dates, seeds removed
1 tbsp butter
¼ cup Frangelico liqueur
½ cup walnut halves
Dutch wafer biscuits, to serve


Take Whitestone Lindis Pass Camembert out of the fridge an hour before serving to bring to room temperature. It should be gooey in the middle.

Slice quince into quarters, then each quarter in half again. Bring a frying pan of water to a simmer and dissolve sugar or honey. Poach quince for 30-40 minutes on a low simmer. Remove and drain.

Slice dates in half lengthwise. Place in a sauté pan with butter, Frangelico and walnuts. Cook over a low heat until butter has melted. Add quince and coat with sauce. Remove from heat and cool.

To make caramel sauce, pour sugar and water into a heavy-based saucepan. Stir over a medium heat until sugar has dissolved. Turn heat up slightly and allow liquid to bubble for 5 minutes or until it turns a light caramel colour. Remove from heat. Stir in butter. Gently stir in cream until well combined. Cool.

Place Whitestone Lindis Pass Camembert on a serving plate, top with fruit and pour caramel over top. Slice cheese and serve with fruit and sauce. Accompany with Dutch wafer biscuits.


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