Forget the misery that was eating boiled brussels sprouts in your childhood. They’ve had both a makeover, and renaissance in recent years. From famous chef David Chang making them a most eat at his Momofuku restaurants to Gwyneth Paltrow’s surprisingly delicious roasted Goop-version, brussels sprouts are finally receiving their due.

Because, they are, in fact, totally delicious. Especially when roasted. With butter. And bacon. They’re also a powerhouse of nutrients. So there’s that too.

Now brussels sprouts have gotten extra trendy with a new hybrid of brussels sprouts and kale hitting the supermarket shelves. Called kalettes, the new vegetable was introduced to America and the UK late last year. Farmer Scott Samwell from Adelaide Hills-based brussels sprouts producers Samwell & Sons discovered them while on holidays overseas. He then worked with Coles Fresh Select to bring them here. According to Coles, kalettes are high in Vitamins C and K and allegedly “features the best flavours of both [kale and brussels sprout], resulting in a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty.”

Not convinced about kalettes or indeed brussels sprouts? Let our delicious brussels sprouts recipes change your mind.


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