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Nail health is the new beauty trend rivaling skincare’s boom

By Megan Bedford

Image: @raelondonnails
Image: @raelondonnails
Beauty is turning its focus to caring for our hands and nails with an ever wider selection of dedicated products.

We’re familiar with the steps of a good manicure, with its cuticle pushing, filing, and glossy paint job.

But that’s about as far as the consideration of our nails has generally extended in terms of their appearance and resilience.

Any talk of nail health was previously tied up with such unappealing blights as fungal infections or even the potential impacts of light-cured gel polish.

However, in the wake of our interest in skincare with the power to boost our glow, and the ‘skinification of hair’ that include similar key active ingredients to skincare in our hair products, a focus on nail care is now also on the rise.

Seeking out products that nourish, care and strengthen our nails also coincides with the boom in natural looking and minimalist manicures and the return of the French manicure.  Because your natural nails are the star of the show for these looks, it’s desirable to make sure your nails and the skin around them are in tip-top condition.

Making it easier? A rise in nail care products beyond the simple hand creams and nail hardeners we’re used to.

Anna Ross, founder of hip ethical nail polish company Kester Black recently revealed its line of care products is booming as the interest in nail care skyrockets.

There also seems to be a real trend at the moment for natural nails because a lot of people have stopped using gel polish, so our Rest and Repair Wonder Mask has quickly turned into our best selling product,” says Ross.

“Think of it like a face serum for your nails. You apply it at night and leave it to deeply penetrate and hydrate the keratin cells. It’s full of fermented ingredients, vitamins and minerals which really help the quality and hydration of the nails which reduces nail brittleness and splitting.”

New nail care and health products

L-R: Kester Black Rest and Repair Wonder Mask; OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum; Manucurist Complete Serum; Paume Probiotic Hand Balm; Chanel L’huile Camélia Hydrating & Fortifying Oil 

Nail care mega brand OPI has just launched Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum that uses technology similar to that used in hair bond-building treatments. It aims to repair nail keratin structure by penetrating the surface to build new bonds inside the natural nail.

Even Chanel has jumped on the trend, introducing the easy to use L’huile Camélia Hydrating & Fortifying Oil in a pen-type applicator that makes it mess-free. Chanel La Base Camélia Fortifying, Protecting and Smoothing Base Coat keeps the protection and care going, even under your favourite polish.

In terms of keeping your hands in general soft and supple? There’s been significant developments too.

Paume is a skincare brand dedicated just to hands with luxurious, sustainable, aesthetic, and specially-formulated products.

Developed pre-pandemic by a mother wanting appealing sanitiser, it started out with gentle, kind- to-kin antibacterial products, but now includes a brilliant Probiotic Hand Balm that leaves skin soft but non-greasy alongside other hand care like an exfoliating cleanser, renewing hand serum, all-in-one cuticle and nail cream, and overnight gloves to help the good stuff sink in. Everything smells gently appealing thanks to five essential oils – crisp lemon, energising orange, herbaceous rosemary, comforting lavender and aromatic cedar.

The aesthetically pleasing nail brush is a winner and makes a fantastic gift for those with long nails too.

All of the above makes tending your nails and carrying out a stylish at-home manicure all the more appealing. Expect the wave of new dedicated hand and nail products to continue over the coming season as the appeal of natural, undone beauty flourishes.


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