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Expert shares: The key steps to a great home manicure


Expert shares: The key steps to a great home manicure
Feeling like its time to ditch the gel manicures and go back to DIY polish? You're not alone. Our expert shares the products and prep to nail a professional-looking finish.

According to Anna Ross, founder of ethical, clean nail and beauty company Kester Black, there has been a significant return to home manicures, as well as a rise in those seeking to add nail care steps into their beauty routine.

It’s seen care products become most-wanted over and above the fresh and modern range of polish colours.

There seems to be a real trend at the moment for natural nails because a lot of people have stopped using gel polish, so our Rest and Repair Wonder Mask has quickly turned into our best selling product,” shares Ross of the paint-on treatment.

“Think of it like a face serum for your nails. You apply it at night and leave it to deeply penetrate and hydrate the keratin cells. It’s full of fermented ingredients, vitamins and minerals which really help the quality and hydration of the nails which reduces nail brittleness and splitting.”

In addition she recommends always using a base coat, top coat and regularly massaging in a nail oil, like Kester Black’s mix of jojoba, sweet almond and avocado oil to soften cuticles and promote healthy nail growth. Resist temptation to be overzealous with trimming cuticles as they naturally protect your nail bed from damage and infection.


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“Miracle Treatment Base Coat will add strength to nails, has a natural shine and doubles as a base coat. Supersonic Top Coat will protect your mani and Self Love Oil adds in all the extra hydration you need for the cooler months.”

As for her shade picks for the new understated nail trend?

“I’ve just had my nails professionally done using Low Maintenance, our sheer pearlescent pink polish, which is perfect for creating a milky nails look,” she says.

She also tips the shade ‘Babe’ as a best seller.

“Its buildable colour makes it versatile for everyday wear. With only application it’s a lovely transparent pink nail polish, and with more coats can become a natural base coat for bold nail art or a cute baby subtle pink for a perfect mani.”

Ross shares her top tips for a “holy grail, at-home manicure”: 

  1. Gently file your nails in one direction – none of this back-and-forth business! – until you achieve your desired length and shape.
  2. Clean and prep your canvas with a nail cleanser or isopropyl alcohol. This removes any natural oils without drying out your nails and creates a clean surface for your polish to stick to.
  3. Apply one thin coat of Miracle Treatment Base Coat and allow a few minutes to dry.
  4. Pick your fave nail polish, and paint a thin layer from base to tip, covering your entire nail. Allow to dry – five minutes should do it – and follow with a second coat.
  5. Once dry, seal it all in with our Supersonic Top Coat to prolong wear, protect the colour and prevent chipping. Dont forget to ‘cap’ the tips of your nails, as this will prevent chipping.
  6. Always finish with our Self Love Oil for added hydration to your cuticles. This oil isn’t only good for your cuticles, you can use it to un-chap your lips, moisturise dry skin, and even remove lipstick and mascara.


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