Inside the issue: STYLE Spring 2021

This spring we’re embracing the spirit of reinvention, inviting you to escape into the world of fashion, beauty, design, accessories, culture and concierge. 

“Lockdown saw us rethink this edition of STYLE many times. It seemed like the right time to focus on creatives around the world who work from home, sharing a glimpse of their homes and how they maintain both their creativity and work practice,” writes Editor-in-Chief Michael McHugh. “However, I still wanted that escape moment where I could look at pages of a house and imagine sitting in a lounger by a pool, looking out to the view with sun on my face and, just for a moment, forget about lockdown and dream. Lose yourself in the pages of STYLE and enjoy.”

We have two gorgeous covers to choose from. We sit down with Kiwi muso Ladyhawke on the eve of her long-awaited new album, and retreat to pool-side glamour in a Cape Town coastal home.


For our spring design edition, we step into a ’60 and ’70’s LA modernism-inspired home, discover a moody and minimalist residence and take a tour inside the chic abodes of cool creatives.

Discover new season furniture inspiration, from bold Italian classics to light, elegant pieces; dynamic textiles and ceramics inspired by the drawings of Jean Buffile and luxury bedding and homewares to make your bedroom a sanctuary.


Songstress Ladyhawke opens up about her personal and professional struggles in our cover feature, speaking to STYLE about her musical evolution as she celebrates the release of her new album.

We talk to the curators behind a new Flying Nun Records exhibition, uncover the hidden works of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, and meet up-and-coming Kiwi actor George Ferrier who is making a big break on the silver screen.


In spring beauty, we’re embracing the return of our joie de vivre, with free-spirited makeup and luminous skin. We’ve got the latest floral scents, lush lip colours and skin saviours to put a spring in your step.

We ask the experts about at-home skin treatments, round up the latest superhero serums, and talk to free-thinking makeup artist Violette about joining French brand Guerlain.


We’re relishing the opportunity to step out in some luxury accessories this spring, with new-season timepieces in bright hues and classic metallics.

We head to New South Wales where lustrous pearls are enjoying a resurgence, showcase exquisite engagement rings and bridal jewellery, and covet Louis Vuitton’s latest ‘It’ bag.


The picturesque Hedges Estate was the location for our spring fashion shoot, floaty shapes, soft palettes and ruffles for days all act as a timely reminder of the power of reinvention. Charm and mystery are at play in Dior’s latest ready-to-wear collection, while the fashion house strikes a balance between vintage and sportswear in its Beachwear capsule.

We also speak with up-and-coming designer Olivia Cashmore about her fashion debut and look at Allbirds’ bold foray into the world of activewear.


Resident wine-expert Cameron Douglas heads to Hawke’s Bay for a culinary getaway, while we escape the city to a new wellness retreat on Kawau Island.

We meet the two top-shelf enthusiasts behind Honest rum, sample flavoursome fare at Ponsonby’s new Korean eatery, discover old-world luxe at Otahuna Lodge and dive into the history behind a five-star Dunedin hotel.

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The perfect pair for youthful eyes

Elizabeth Arden‘s Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream is a new, multi-tasking eye cream that helpfully targets all of the challenges we experience when it comes to skin in the eye area. With a busy lifestyle, late nights and environmental challenges as well as the incremental changes that happen with age, our eye area can serve as a billboard to how we‘re feeling so an eye cream that can do it all is a godsend. This new arrival seeks to improve the look of dark circles and puffiness, brightening and helping restore radiance and hydration, while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The key lies in the combination of two skincare powerhouses — ceramides and retinol. Elizabeth Arden‘s experts developed its iconic single-dose ceramide capsules, which protect skin’s barrier and prevent moisture loss, over 30 years ago. Since then the brand has extended that knowledge and innovation to a multitude of skin solutions, pairing ceramides with other ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and retinol. Now, the global beauty brand has adapted the formulation technology that has been so successful in its wrinkle-smoothing Retinol Ceramide Capsules for the face, into a new targeted treatment for the eyes. Often regarded by skincare experts and dermatologists as the ’gold standard‘ of skincare ingredients, retinol, a form of Vitamin A, is one of the most widely researched ingredients available. A large number of studies prove its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin by increasing the production of collagen and speeding up cell turnover. While it’s undoubtedly effective, it has traditionally been tricky to formulate in a way that won’t irritate or dry out skin, particularly in the eye area. It‘s also extremely sensitive to light and air, which can affect its potency and subsequent results.


Which is where Elizabeth Arden’s research and development efforts come to the fore. In the new Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream, the retinol has been microencapsulated and surrounded by other ingredients to help it penetrate to a deeper level for better results. This provides a slow release of ingredients over eight hours and is paired with nourishing elements that ensure skin welcomes the transformative properties without dryness or flaking. In addition, a peptide blend aims to help firm skin and improve its tone, and niacinamide aims to help diminish the appearance of dark circles.


Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, Elizbeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream has also undergone a consumer and clinical study undertaken by the brand that showed significant improvement in the eye area. Consumer results found that 98% saw an overall improvement in eye area while clinical results showed a 25% immediate improvement in hydration and a 16% decrease in crow‘s feet at 8 weeks. The eye cream is designed to apply at night after cleansing skin. If you want to use Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules on the rest of your face, apply the eye cream first and make sure they do not overlap. Once both are applied and absorbed you can follow up with moisturiser.


There are many reasons why a dedicated eye cream is smart:

• The skin in the eye area gets a serious workout each day with 1000s of tiny movements helping us display emotion, tense in concentration, and squinting and blinking. We show signs of ageing here first as collagen becomes depleted and those repetitive movements cause dynamic wrinkles to become static.

• The skin is thinner and more delicate there and is quick to display dark shadows, fluid retention that leads to puffiness, or hollowing as part of the aging process.

• The eye area is more prone to irritation and our eyes are susceptible to reaction from skincare ingredients.

• Using just moisturiser in your eye area will help with hydration, but it won’t target the signs of ageing.

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