Technology’s a pain in the neck

The next time you message a friend on your phone or crane your neck to look 
at your computer screen while at work, spare a thought for your posture – it might 
just save you from a lifetime of agonising health issues.

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Try this 10-minute yoga flow for a good night’s sleep

The physiological symptoms of insomnia can be dealt with by doing these poses, helping to keep the mind quiet for a good night’s sleep.

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Sitting Up Straight – the simple life hack to happiness

Your teacher was right about sitting up straight! Scientists say good posture could ward off depression.

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5 tips for taking care of your back

Slouching and lifting heavy objects throughout the year can leave us with sore backs once summer arrives.

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Five ways to ease back pain naturally

One quarter of the population suffers from back pain. Here are five simple steps to alleviate pain and strengthen your spine naturally.

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Arms race

Tone, sculpt and strengthen your arms with these simple exercises – all you need are light hand weights and a good posture for optimum results, MiNDFOOD reports.

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