A nationwide survey by Physiotherapy New Zealand has revealed that slouching and lifting heavy objects are often to blame for back pain.

More than 90% of those surveyed had experienced some type of back pain and they cited heavy lifting (35%) and poor posture (32%) as the top causes or triggers of their pain.

The findings also showed some troubling self-treatment methods, with one in five saying they would use bed rest as a treatment method.

The survey also revealed:

Of those who had experienced back pain: 79% had sleeping problems as a result, 46% had missed out on sports or activities and 37% had taken time off work.

The top three causes or triggers of back pain were: heavy lifting, poor posture and an accident or fall. For those under 30 the top causes changed to: poor posture, lifting heavy objects and sitting for long periods.

62% thought that back pain was due to something being out of place.

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