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Sitting Up Straight – the simple life hack to happiness

Sitting Up Straight – the simple life hack to happiness

Your teacher was right about sitting up straight! Scientists say good posture could ward off depression.

Sitting Up Straight – the simple life hack to happiness

Scientists from San Francisco University have discovered a connection between depression and posture, vindicating generations of nagging teachers telling students to “Sit up straight!”

The traditional route of antidepressants and cognitive therapy has been the mainstay for treating depression, with drugs targeting chemical imbalances and therapy alleviating negative thought patterns.

The missing link in a complete, holistic approach to tackling the black dog has been the body and movement.

Sedentary lifestyles exacerbated by the prevalence of hand held electronic devices have led to an increase in slumping, moving the body out of alignment. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown this negatively impacts on mood and energy levels, both of which are associated with anxiety and depression.

The good news is that becoming more mindful of your posture is a free and easy way to improve lower back pain, maintain energy levels for longer and drag you out of a depressive slump.

Did you find yourself sitting up straight after reading about this study?


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