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What is Collagen Banking? The preventative skincare trend you need to know

By Megan Bedford

What is Collagen Banking? Skincare and treatments to try
Collagen Banking is the skincare term taking the beauty industry by storm in 2024. But what does it mean?

Many skincare products we use in our daily routines are designed to treat conditions we are already experiencing with our skin.

But instead of working like the ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ as skin already shows the signs of damage, sensitivity or inflammation, a new skin trend aims to take a proactive, preventative approach to skin aging.

What is collagen banking?

Collagen banking is one of 2024’s most dominant skincare trends. It refers to the process of preserving or increasing collagen levels in the skin to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent signs of aging.

Collagen is a protein that our bodies naturally produce that forms the primary building block of your body’s skin and other cells and tissues, providing structure, strength and support. Together with elastin (another protein), Collagen is largely present in the middle layer of the skin. It helps plump, smooth and fight sag, keeping skin supple and helping with healthy skin cell turnover. It’s absolutely key in keep skin looking healthy and youthful, which is why we’re all so keen to hold on to it.

Unfortunately, our bodies produce less of it every year as we age, and factors like our lifestyle and pollution can speed up collagen degradation. So anything we can do to slow the process is worth exploring.

Collagen banking currently relates to a range of ingredients, products an approaches that help us hold on to those natural stores of collagen in our skin.

This can involve various skincare practices, dietary supplements, or even appearance medical procedures aimed at stimulating collagen production or preventing its degradation.

Some common methods include using collagen-boosting skincare products, consuming collagen-rich foods or supplements, undergoing collagen induction therapy (such as microneedling or Dermapen), or receiving collagen stimulating injectable fillers.  The goal is to “bank” or preserve collagen in the skin to promote elasticity, firmness, and a more youthful complexion over time.

How do you embrace collagen banking?

While the term is new, and many products and treatments are embracing new technology, you might already be doing it. Some collagen banking approaches have been around for years.

Microneedling, for example is a popular treatment. This causes microchannels, or localised and controlled damage that’s designed to incite the skin to spring into healing mode, and with it, produce new collagen, without substantially affecting the structure of the epidermis.

Retinoids like retinol, retinaldehyde and tretinoin are Vitamin A derivatives that boost collagen synthesis. They work by increasing cell turnover and stimulating new collagen production in the skin. Retinoids are one of the most widely studied ingredients for reducing wrinkles and building collagen.

What is Collagen Banking? Skincare to try 2024

L-R: Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum; Jeuneora Renewing Booster Advanced Retinol Serum; Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum; The Beauty Chef Plumpers Collagen Chewables; Naked Sundays Cabana Glow SPF50+ Mineral Glow Drops

Vitamin C fights against environmental factors that degrade collagen and and Niacinamide have been shown to help boost collagen production in skin too.

Futureproofing is the focus of Dermalogica’s new dedicated Pro-Collagen Banking Serum, aiming to protect against sagging and loss of volume in skin by preserving its existing collagen. It uses Collagen amino acids, carnosine dipeptide, and antioxidants to help save collagen by defending against collagen-degrading free radicals.

Taking an ingestible collagen supplement is a another great way to help support your body’s natural collagen production and stores. The Beauty Chef has just made taking one even easier with its new Plumpers Collagen Chewables, flavoured chewable tablets that contains hydrolysed collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and a potent postbiotic Lactobacillus plantarum L-137.

Finally, one of the most crucial steps is to commit to daily use of SPF. Protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays is one of the most important steps you can take to protect collagen and prevent skin damage and skin cancer.


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