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Why your skin needs vitamin C


Why your skin needs vitamin C
Want brighter, firmer and younger-looking skin? Get acquainted with the new generation of skincare using Vitamin C to boost the complexion.

Vitamin C is a potent and versatile antioxidant. It can help prevent free radical damage to skin cells during the day and at night, it can help repair that damage.

Free radicals refer to unstable molecules that are known to damage healthy cells in our body. They are caused and created by a myriad of factors. Some are formed during normal processes within the body but others are from exposure to environmental factors we experience every day, from air pollution to UV rays. 

Free radical damage to our skin can appear as premature ageing, dark spots or patches of pigmentation, inflammation, dryness and wrinkles. Antioxidants help neutralise that damage, helping keep the cells strong and healthy, and acting as they should. 

Vitamin C is also needed for a healthy skin immune system, for healing and boosting collagen production. It’s touted for improving uneven skin tone and brightening dull skin so it’s visibly more radiant as it interferes with pigment production.

Though Vitamin C skincare has been around for a while, new products make the most of advancements in formulation. New encapsulation and ingredient combinations help keep the notoriously unstable antioxidant potent and effective, as it can be sensitive to things like light, heat and air. 

Ascorbic acid, the purest form of vitamin C is incredibly effective, but remains the most difficult to stabilise.

Now that you know what it does, we’ve rounded up some of the best new topical skincare products containing vitamin C so you can achieve a glowing, even-toned  and healthy complexion. 

Trilogy Vitamin C Ceramide Night Cream

A one-two punch of beneficial and trending ingredients. It not only keeps everything bright and smooth with vitamin C, but this night moisturiser also contains ceramides to bolster your skin’s protective barrier and prevent moisture loss.

Without a healthy skin barrier you can be prone to sensitivity, dryness and faster to show creases and wrinkles so it’s a good option to help with repair while you sleep.

The Vitamin C is derived from the world’s highest natural source of vitamin C, the Australian Kakadu plum. Of course it also includes rosehip seed oil, a Trilogy staple, and other natural, nourishing goodies.

Antipodes Diem Vitamin C Pigment-Correcting Water Cream


Antipodes’ glow-enhancing moisturiser delivers skin clarity and tone while its light, pillowy gel nature feels fresh and ultra-hydrating. It contains innovative brightening ingredients from nature including tone-correcting natural-origin peptides, hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol and again that super popular plant-based source of Vitamin C, Kakadu plum. 

It’s an easy way to ensure you’re getting all of the good stuff if you don’t want to resort to extra serums and treatments. Plus, Antipodes’ scent of vanilla pods and mandarin is dreamy. It’s perfect for use at both ends of the day. 

Dr. Dennis Gross C+Collagen Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask



This biodegradable, biocellulose mask is great for a pick-me-up. It loads skin up with ingredients intended to boost both collagen and radiance.

3-0 ethyl ascorbic acid is an effective stabilised form of vitamin C as it maintains its acidic properties to penetrate deep into the skin, minimising the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

It also has a plant sourced collagen, COQ10, another potent antioxidant and niacinamidethat has anti-inflammatory properties.

Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Serum

An affordable serum option, this newbie has a round-up of great ingredients including 3.5% vitamin C, niacinamide and salicylic acid that helps with cell turnover for extra smooth and bright skin. It also comes with some pretty bold claims that you will see results in just six days, with the density of dark spots reduced. From eight weeks the brand says up to 43% of dark spot and acne mark appearance is reduced.

Pure Fiji Kakadu Super Vitamin C Brightening Serum & Vitamin C Foaming Oil Cleanser

Pure Fiji’s Vitamin C skincare range is a fantastic collection of luxurious to use products that cover off basics like cleanser and more concentrated products like serum, all containing that brightening hit of vitamin C. That’s not all though, each product is meticulously formulated with further active ingredients like Kakadu Plum extract, to boosts collagen and support hyaluronic acid synthesis and Bakuchiol, to smooths fine lines and wrinkles and strengthen skin.


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