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The best sheet masks for every skin task from hydrating to brightening

By Megan Bedford

Best Sheet masks 2023
Sheet masks provide a concentrated dose of skincare that quickly boosts skin's hydration and appearance.

A few years ago sheet masks were inescapable as a new skincare must-have.

Social media – and airplane aisles – were awash with people displaying their faces slathered in the slightly-spooky-looking serum-laden masks in a bid to hydrate, brighten and refresh skin.

In recent years though, we sort of forgot about sheet masks, as we turned instead to labour-intensive skincare routines, juggling endless pots of cleansers and creams.

In part it’s because sheet masks are often seen as a bit of an ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ sort of a situation, trying to suddenly improve and repair any skin challenges with a 10 minute mask. But if you commit to regularly caring for your skin and giving it what it needs with a well-rounded daily routine, in theory, there should be less need for a a fix-er-up face mask.

Yes, we also acknowledge that part of falling out of love with face masks is the single-use waste issue. There is still work to be done in this area, but there are brands out there with more eco-friendly bio-cellulose versions and paper outer wrapping. Conserving Beauty’s dissolvable option is one notable mention.  We’re hoping there will be more developments imminently too!

This season there has been a bit of a resurgence in sheet-mask hype. Or at least, a little reminder there is more they are good for, than just a last-minute saviour before or after a big event.

Because life is never straight-forward, and even if you follow a good skincare routine there’s rarely a time skin doesn’t need a bit of extra TLC, or at least a good hydrating glow-up. Sheet masks also aid the absorption of moisture and actives for skin so you’re getting a concentrated dose, which is why they are great to use before special events as they smooth and plump out fine lines.

So we’re here to remind you how useful and convenient (they’re perfect for packing!) a good sheet mask can be. Besides, newer arrivals have a wider range of ingredients that tackle a wider range of problems.

And remember, if you can’t get on board with drippy and cold full-face ones, under eye patch masks are super easy to use and help smooth and plump the under eye area in the same way a regular face mask does. For less waste, you can also buy reusable silicone undereye masks and pop them over your normal serum or eye cream.

Best after a sunburn or post aesthetic procedure

This brand’s Cicaplast line is fantastic for soothingand repairing stressed-out skin and the Cicaplast mask is no different. It’s gentle, hydrating and safe for sensitive skin types.

Best set to have in the cabinet

A new brand on the scene at MECCA, this Loops Variety Pack of silky hydrogel masks offers a variety of solutions with masks to tackle Brightening, Detoxifying, Nighttime Slugging (or deep hydration), Glowing and Rejuvenating skin. They come in two parts to fit nicely on your face.

Best for boosting glow

Ginger & Me B3 Glow Sheet Mask

Ginger & Me’s new B3 Glow Sheet Mask works almost like an gentle express facial, hydrating, brightening, plumping the skin while improving your skin’s protective barrier.

Best for brightening

Garnier Vitamin C Tissue Mask (1)

Garnier has an excellent range of affordable masks when you need a quick solution, and this Vitamin C one is designed to offer a brightening boost to dull and uneven skin.

Best for minimising waste

Loaded with botanical oils to support skin health and even skin tone, including bakuchiol, reishi mushrooms, squalane, bisabolol, centella asiatica, the fabric technology in Conserving Beauty’s InstaMelt Masks is designed to instantly dissolve in water after use.

Best for a gentle exfoliation

Peel without the skin clinic appointment? It’s possible with this Patchology Sheet Mask that helps clear pores and remove dull dry skin.

Best for a bit of luxe time out

By Terry's Baume De Rose Hydrating Rose Mask (1)

Wanting a bit of relaxation while your face gets an all-round pep up? By Terry’s Baume De Rose Hydrating Rose Mask is the luxury experience you’re after.

Best pre-party

Go-To Transformazing mask (1)

Go-To’s Transformazing is a deeply hydrating serum mask designed to drench skin and leave it looking plumped up and glowing, not to mention the perfect canvas for makeup.


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