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What are reusable under eye masks and how do they work?

By Megan Bedford

What are reusable under eye masks and how do they work?
If you haven't already come across them, reuseable under-eye masks are likely to be a big hit this year.

That is partly thanks to a hit version from US brand Dieux appearing almost everywhere on social media in recent months, and partly because they offer a more sustainable answer to similar disposable offerings while still giving skin a boost.

They also offer a quick skin pick-me-up that fits with what experts are calling ‘flash rituals’ or small, low-effort beauty approaches that can be undertaken in minutes that are expected to continue to rise in popularity this year.

A solution for the waste caused by disposable single-use versions and similar paper or biocellulose sheet masks, reusable undereye masks are made from non-porous silicone and given they are fully washable, can be used over and over.

How do reusable masks work?

The under eye masks do not come pre-soaked in serum like other products.

Instead, the idea is to apply an eye cream or serum you already have and then place the eye mask on top, leaving on for around 10 minutes.

Like ‘skin slugging’ the idea is to create an occlusive barrier that prevents product evaporation, helping the skincare absorb well and penetrate deeply.

The result is a de-puffing effect as well as temporary saturating skin that helps to plump out fine lines and leave the eye area looking smooth and refreshed.


The choice to use silicone is significant too.

Cosmetic chemist Ginger King told Allure silicone is a chemically inert material which is important.

“[Chemically inert materials] will not have potential reactions to active ingredients,” she says. “You want to avoid any potential interaction of materials that may eat up the mask or leach out undesirable ingredients.

Because the masks are said to improve and intensify the efficacy of the product placed beneath them, care is needed with some active ingredients to ensure irritation is avoided. Dieux warns against using with retinol or exfoliating ingredients. Products with plumping and soothing hyaluronic acids and peptides are most commonly used with the masks.

Where can I get them?

While Dieux is highly visible and popular – and therefore often sold out on its international retailer Cult Beauty – NZ brand Jeuneora has also released a reusable eye mask set, alongside its brand new DoeEyes Revilatising Eye Serum.


The serum contains golden chamomile extract, peptides and cucumber seed oil  to address under eye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines as well as hydrating beetroot extract and hyaluronic acid to moisturise and firm skin.

The brand says they can be used morning or night, or whenever a bit of de-puffing action is needed and suggests applying after the DoeEyes Serum and leaving on for 10-20 minutes. It also tips leaving the mask tin in the fridge so masks are chilled when they are applied.


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