Poem: Wellington Way

By Reid Edmond

city at night illustration

As I sit upon Wellington way

A winding pathway fragments itself into steps below

Its birch railing blocking the sparrow’s sprint

I sit upon a perch

Looking over Wellington

The lazy streets idle of dynamo

Just cars cruising upon the lopsided terrain

Through a town devoid of energy


The electricity lines run up and over houses

Like straps on overalls

Dressing the whitewashed walls and corrugated roofs

The lampposts they attach themselves to look tired

Like they’ve worked a 60 hour week

Which I suppose they have


A young tabby bolts up the steps and hyperextends its quarters to look at me fearfully

Studying the lines of my face

Calculating whether I am friend or foe

Perhaps I’m both


Its tail has a hare-like white tip at the end

As if it’s been dipped in paint

It brushes the ground beneath it and the air above it

It slithers its way across the road

Only to be met by the dog

They both don’t seem to be mutually acquainted


No doubt as the sun rears its head over the lone pine tree in the garden

The city will burst into life

Musicals will erupt from the manholes and the back decks of the otherwise silent abodes

The crushing weight of capital city pressure will infuse the streets and spark them with lecherous flame

But until that time

I’ll be here

Watching the city as it sleeps idly before me

Not wanting to poke the bear


Reid Edmond

Dunedin, NZ


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