Poem: Te Toroa – The Albatross

By Victoria Mottart

Poem: Te Toroa –  The Albatross

Bill snaps, sky calling, rose pink yammering!

A lighthouse blinks,

splashing stars upon the rocks.

Curling paths, ribboning into the sky,

wings locked; I say goodbye.

My harbour, my soulmate, will wait beyond time as

Diomedes calls me into the sharp salt air.

Dynamic soaring, deep blue winds roaring,

yet with gentle ease I will forever glide

over icy oceans, sailing peaceful solitude.

Black tips of fingered feathers ride,

outstretching sea and sky.

A mariner’s magic rime is nigh.


Downy soft, coaldust black, gently touching

a white so pure now, as ages pass,

where once a dust of palest golden glows

was youthful shimmering in the light.

Ancients’ kohl defines my eyes,

and travelling transfixed I stare

at the evening stars’ endangered glare.

Navigating extinction,

do you not want me here?

Blowing me shoreward after worlds have spun,

seeking safety, I return, and land,

loyally, once more, unto your hands.

A lighthouse blinks.


Victoria Mottart

Gisborne, NZ



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