Poem: Ode To The Dreamers

By Ellen Vigus

reading illustration

find the words scrawled in ink

tucked into the cracks of the pavement

a story written between one step and the next

chapters of my life

waiting to be read

by those who

bother to



i whispered my secrets to the sky

and the wind swept them away

carried them in gentle arms

to waiting ears

i don’t know who you are

but here,

i’ll give you this sliver of

my soul


i scattered poetry across the city

fragments of verses and memories

waiting to be picked up

and read

i told my story

in pieces

hoping someday

someone would find them

and put them back together



this poem

is a letter

to the dreamers:


do not remain silent

raise your voice like a banner

pick up a pen

and create something beautiful

something meaningful


paint the town with starlight

bottle happiness and call it music

write until your fingers stain with ink;

the world is waiting for you

so go out and

tell your story

because you are

the only one

who can


Ellen Vigus

Warwick, WA


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