MiNDFOOD Poem of the Month: Keeping Time

By Tracey Peterson

MiNDFOOD Poem of the Month: Keeping Time

Aunty kept you in a house

on a wall

no ordinary time keeper

we in the innocence of playground

laughing cuckoo cuckoo

lived breathing sea and sun

pine soaked air our saturation

hunger and happiness in our hands

we ate ravenous meal to meal

time measured by the sun on our backs

beads of sea-salt on our water baby selves

the last game of go-home-stay-home

into the coming night our dirtied feet

scrubbed in the bath-shub before bedtime

under the pot and saucepan

our winking Aotearoa sky

marshmallows and the choking smell

of driftwood-fire heat

time’s eternal line stretched beyond us

all these moments

strung shells round our beach-bronzed necks

Now on my wall

you cuckoo a reminder

of temporality

moments immeasurable

the beauty of a life

me wanting to free you

Tracey Peterson

Christchurch, NZ

Our winning poem

This month’s winner, Tracey  says of her poem, ‘Keeping Time’: “The poem is largely nostalgic. The inspiration came with a cooler air temperature signalling autumn’s approach. Reflecting on summer memories reluctant to let go of this season,  the poem is also a nod to time and its fleeting nature, the magical moments that make up a life and the freedom needed to fully embrace and live it.”



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