Poem: Just Now

By Anita Tavendale

Poem illustration

Moments connecting by channels unseen

We breathe in absentmindedly

Exhaling is merely consequential

Mindfulness takes effort

Gathering in the present place where I am

Senses aligning essential

Drawing in breath is preparation

Releasing air is life

Living is forgotten amongst busyness

Quiet my mind where possible

Look where I am

Here present with focus

Now is so beautiful

In one word just the now

Tomorrow is not breath for everybody

How plainly is the simplicity

We complicate things

Appreciate time as an unopened gift

This breath pulls back the tape

Exhaling peels the paper

Finally the gift is seen

Open my eyes to inside

Feel life’s embrace

Not would could have been

Just now


Anita Tavendale

Aldinga Beach, SA


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