MiNDFOOD Poem: Eternal

By Grace Johnson

Friends partying illustration

Lanterned streetlights reflect the rain on the cobblestones

The trattoria in the alley is open until four

Couples with linked arms walk precariously down the stepped paths

Listen to the laughter echo through the city blocks

The neon pizza light guiding in flashes above the open front door


Strolling for hours without care in the safety of night

We found a market along the Tiber path

Holding treasures from bespoke handcarved art to carnival rides

Strangers watch you hold my hand on the ferris wheel

While trying unsuccessfully to balance our wine


Mon amore, with your corrupted innocence


Friends for years stumbling by the fountain lean on the Pantheon

Embedding manicured fingers into the stone for grasp

Tags and nicknames vandalised discreetly on its surface

Dichotomous to the broken nail one sustains

From her heel slipping between a crack while adjusting her clasp


Banana and coconut and lemon cherry

Stark to the evening warmth rising from the streets in curls

Is this ice treat by the famous gelateria next to the Trevi

The masses gather in the square for an attraction in its own right

Tourists purchase in bumbling lines before throwing their coin


Mon amore, with your uncultivated harmony


Navigating our way only through a retrace of our journey

We pass by the fountain and on the cold marble sit

Staring in silence at the full moon and counting the glowing stars

Crunching on wafer cones crumbling across our legs

In this moment making constellations of our own


The lifelong friends return with empty bottles of red in their hands

Defeated by damaged stilettos swinging over their shoulders

Resting on the temple which stood as support before

That has been a constant for hundreds of years and like its city

Will be a sight for thousands more


Mon amore, with your interrupted beauty

You will hold a place in my heart eternally


Grace Johnson

Kew, Victoria


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