MiNDFOOD Poem of the Month: 10 Haikus for 10 Days in Japan

By Josh Gardiner

MiNDFOOD Poem of the Month: 10 Haikus for 10 Days in Japan

Day 1, Tokyo

The buildings close now

As the late summer pulls in

A strange soup, this warmth

Day 2, Tokyo

The strings strum, buzzing

Louder than the cicadas

In urban concert

Day 3, Tokyo

All the wide-leg pants

Billow in the wind of change

Not clothes for at home

Day 4, Shinkansen

A saké monsoon

And reversal of engines

More bullets than one

Day 5, Kyoto

War drums are drumming

The fierce tattoo of heaven

Tears rain like iron

Day 6, Naoshima

On the inland sea

Ships Japanese beef, top grade

Some rare works of art

Day 7, Naoshima

The three-shadowed rock

With a bronze lion inside

Keeps the summer heat

Day 8, Tokyo

Ten thousand black disks

Impenetrable rhythms

All the same language

Day 9, Tokyo

Six strings rent in two

Resurrection by dateline

Where summer sounds wait

Day 10, Tokyo

Season ending sleep

Night turning in the darkness

The sapling day grows

Josh Gardiner

Paekākāriki, NZ

About this month’s poem

Josh says: “The Haikus, as titled, are from a trip to Japan, visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and the art island of Naoshima. I challenged myself to write one a day, in the moment of each place – to help remember the holiday in a nice way, and as a writing exercise. There are deeper meanings within each of course which speak to the experience. They are each like a photo to me, a visual snapshot and a feeling.”



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