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Olaplex brings hair bonding technology to your eyelashes


Olaplex brings hair bonding technology to your eyelashes
Olaplex is launching an eyelash serum, its first product outside of haircare.

Olaplex has a new product and though it’s technically for hair, it’s not what you think. 

The brand has become globally known since launch in 2014, for creating the first treatment that actually repairs damaged bonds in your hair.

Now, it is extending discoveries made by its research and development team to eyelashes, launching Lashbond Building Serum.

The original salon-only Olaplex treatment and subsequent homecare products were created to treat the millions of disulfide bonds that make up the internal structure and strength of hair. These bonds can become weakened and broken, particularly during the chemical process of colouring or heat-styling hair, resulting in damage that causes breakage or texture changes to your strands. Olaplex works at a molecular level to deliver essential ingredients to the hair’s internal bonds to improve them.

Existing over-the-counter lash serums typically moisturise lashes and offer strengthening peptides, while prescription ones containing ingredients known as prostaglandins can increase their length but come with the risk of serious side effects. These include the potential to permanently change your iris colour, darkening of the eyelid skin and eye irritation.

Labeled as ‘prostaglandin-free’, Olaplex’s  Lashbond Building Serum takes the nourishing and moisturising route, promising lashes that look “longer and more lifted, thicker and denser and healthy and hydrated.”

While eyelashes don’t tend to experience damage in the same way as our hair, according to Olaplex, the new lash serum contains some of its famous proprietary bond-building technology. The brand says this technology will ‘support the skin barrier at the lash line, with healthy skin providing a better environment for natural lash growth.’

It also contains a complex of peptides, hyaluronic acid and biotin to ‘support and sustain the natural growth cycle and lash retention’.

As with other lash serums, it is designed to be applied by using the brush to apply to the skin along the upper lash line on both eyes.

“Our original patented technology was patented for hair, skin and nails,” Charlotte Watson, the brand’s chief marketing officer, tells WWD.

“We have a very edited and curated portfolio, we wouldn’t launch something without careful consideration. Exploring other avenues in hair, like lashes, was the first foray for us in thinking about new category alignments.”

Currently available on the Olaplex website, Lashbond Building Serum is expected to roll out to other brand partners like Sephora shortly.

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