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Beauty trends you need to know


Beauty trends you need to know
This year is all about embracing new technology while focusing on inner beauty and hydration. Looking natural is key, with an emphasis on skin nutrition at a cellular level and relaxed healthy hair.

A new age of technology is bringing all the bells and whistles to our hair and beauty routines. Find out how next-generation products can help in your quest for that all-natural glow.

Indie Beauty Buzz 

Indie beauty brands will continue to shake up the beauty industry in years to come. Jacob Stanley, MECCA Brands’ head of education, puts the success of independent brands down to the relationship and trust they can build with their consumers. “Smaller brands have the ability to connect with their tribe – and target their consumers – in an intimate way really easily these days, thanks to social media,” he explains. Stanley believes indie brands often come with a lot of credibility, too. “Their products are usually made in small batches, which is important to a lot of consumers. They are also able to take a lot of risks and try new and innovative technologies,” he says.

The Microbiome

The gut microbiome has been under the spotlight for a few years now and the skin microbiome is set to follow suit, says Tracy May-Harriott, global director of education for Elizabeth Arden PRO and PRIORI. “Sometimes called the ‘unseen warrior’ the skin microbiome is made up of millions of bacteria and immune cells, all working together to maintain the protective borders,” she explains. “This is a critical job as skin is in constant contact with the outside world and is the first line of defence against foreign invaders and toxins. “We’ll see more prebiotics and DNA research working towards logical ways to keep our skin super healthy. Several brands have this as their main unique brand story and I am sure we will see many more.”

Next-Level Hydration

Healthy skin is well-hydrated skin and as talk of anti-ageing continues to wane, we’ll return to skincare basics with a focus on hydration. “Cellular hydration is the most important thing you can do for your skin,” says David Whyte, Asia-Pacific global educator at Murad. “A cleanser, treatment product and moisturiser are vital. Additional steps will enhance and intensify results based on your lifestyle and needs.”  As the focus returns to skin hydration, new hydrating ingredients will enter the market says MECCA Brands’ Jacob Stanley. “They will be even more effective than good old faithful hyaluronic acid,” he says. “High-tech options, like Dr Perricone’s H2 Elemental Energy hydrogen complexes, and more natural options, like Tatcha’s Red Algae extract, are just the beginning. We’ll see some really powerful topical hydrators that instantly plump the skin, and keep it bouncy for the whole day and night.”

Beauty for All

We’re breaking down and challenging traditional beauty ideals more than ever before and beauty brands are responding. As a result, rather than target specific ages and gender, the industry is embracing diversity and moving away from a universal approach to skincare.  However, Mintel’s Kwek believes that no trend is a ‘one size fits all’ concept and how much we embrace individuality and gender-neutral beauty will vary from region to region. “Bigger brands may start introducing more gender-neutral packaging, and we’re already seeing brands engaging male faces for their advertisements or employing male retail staff,” she says


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