Mind Games: 3 Ways To Soothe The Brain and Ease Stress

Mind Games: 3 Ways To Soothe The Brain and Ease Stress
It's easy to get overwhelmed as the world continues to change around us drastically.

Routines are all over the place, the workload probably seems never-ending and the idea of having time off may be overshadowed by stress.

It’s important to avoid extreme stress, not just for health and wellbeing purposes – getting too rundown can cause sickness of all varieties –  but to ensure you actually enjoy your daily life.

If you’re feeling burdened by pressure, try these three tips for soothing the brain.

  1. Eat mood-boosting foods: add foods that promote feelings of happiness to your diet, such as almonds, kiwifruit, cheese and asparagus. Try the 5 Comfort Foods You Need Now as a starting point.
  2. Slow down: when things become all too stressful, breathe deeply and remind yourself of what really matters – enjoying this life. Let go of the little things and look ahead to upcoming experiences you know you will enjoy. More: Repeat! I Will Not Be Stressed This Christmas
  3. Get creative: arts and crafts are proven to have a calming effect on the mind. Spend some time colouring in, sewing, knitting or sculpting to relax your mind and leave you feeling refreshed. Read the Benefits of Arts and Crafts for more.

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