7 Reasons Why People Need To Laugh

By Carmarlena Murdaca

7 Reasons Why People Need To Laugh
We all love to laugh, but there’s far more to a good giggle than simply providing a high. An innate ability, laughter developed even before we could say dada or mama. And in terms of innate abilities, laughter is one of the best. What better feeling is there than being lost in laughter? But so often our inner laughter fountain dries up as we mature.

According to laughter therapist and author of  Laughing at cancer: How to Heal with Love, Laughter and Mindfulness, Ros Ben-Moshe, laughter is the best medicine. The founder of Laugh Life wellbeing programs had empowered thousands of people to connect to their own mindfulness, and to become aware that even in the darkest times, there is always light.

She says: “Adults laugh on average 10-12 times a day, and children hundreds of times in a day. Now whether or not these statistics are 100% accurate or speak for us all, what they do demonstrate very clearly is the discrepancy between the amount of laughter generated by children and adults. The reasons for this are numbered, and range from a lifetime of conditioning to stress-filled ‘serious’ jobs or challenging lives. But one reason stands out more than the rest. Children laugh from the heart; they don’t think about it they just do it. Adults on the other hand bring a conscious layer of thought to laughter: When is it appropriate to laugh? What will people think of me if I laugh now? I’m in a serious job now; best not make it look like I’m clowning around, and so on.

“Laughing makes nearly any situation better, but rather than waiting to be happy and then laughing, I’d like to challenge you: Laugh to feel happy. You can easily do this by bringing a conscious level of awareness to your laughter or even a smile. For your health and happiness, please don’t put it off any longer. Watch some comedy, hang out with friends, join a laughter club (yes they’re a thing), or even learn to laugh at yourself – you’re quite funny you know!”

Additionally, here are some of Ros’ seven reasons you should stop thinking about laughing (and just do it):

  1. Builds resilience –Learning to laugh at yourself assists in adjusting to stress and adversity.
  2. Creates a positive mindset – Laughter orients the brain to a positive mindset – regular laughter and smiling actually changes the brain’s chemistry through neuroplasticity.
  3. Enhances communication and connects people – It’s very hard for two people who laugh together to feel any animosity towards each other. It’s a fantastic team builder.
  4. Reduces stress –Laughter helps shift difficult emotions, freeing the body and mind of stress.
  5. Frees the mind to be more creative and productive –Laughter has a similar effect on the brain as meditation, bringing you very much into the present moment.
  6. Increases oxygenation – This optimises healthy body and brain functioning, improving concentration and productivity levels.
  7. Promotes playfulness – Enhancing imagination, cognitive and emotional strength, and also interaction with others.

For more information on Laughing at Cancer, head to the website here.


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