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Expert shares: How makeup application is evolving and how to update your approach


Expert shares: How makeup application is evolving and how to update your approach
Makeup application has changed in recent years, with a fresh approach that uses minimum coverage for maximum impact.

The pace of change in the beauty world can be exciting, but it can also be exhausting know how to stay in step without overhauling your routine.

We spoke to Louise Rae, makeup artist, Mecca Education Partner and co-founder of Y & L Beauty makeup and hair studio, about what’s influencing the way we wear makeup and what she’s loving now.

How do you think our approach to makeup has changed recently?

 I have noticed that people are more open to trying, playing and experimenting with makeup and beauty. It’s been a long time coming but we are  getting our makeup wearing confidence back! Our faces are not hidden by masks all day every day or just being on screens. Our weeks look more like half working from home and half out and about being face-t0-face with colleagues, friends, family and its showing in our approach to makeup. Reaching for that pop of colour, trying new textures, even trying new brands and being open to new beauty routines is part of our evolution to the new normal and it’s exciting!

What are some key influences impacting the way people are wearing makeup right now?

Makeup looks are influenced by many things. With the return of our makeup confidence, comes the return of the effortless beauty look: perfected, but not made up. The online presence of influencers and celebrities having what appears to be perfected but ‘no makeup’ looks is still very big.

Reaching for that favorite lipstick, or highlight, styling our hair and spritzing perfume no matter what situation you are facing is something that can be empowering and can enhance our confidence.


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 Foundation and how we do skin coverage has really evolved recently hasn’t it?  

Gone are the days where we put foundation all over our faces, the freshness and skin within is what we want to see, there are ways to get coverage with your foundation without applying many layers everywhere. What is to come, an approach to complexion that is minimum with maximum impact. 

What other trends are you excited about?

I recently joined the MECCA family in the education department and it blows my mind whenever I ask what trends customers and the store teams love, they will often say ‘skin’!

When I was a makeup artist just starting out 20 years ago, although I knew skincare and prepping the skin was important, all I wanted to do back then was get to the colour part!  But now it’s all about skin trends, taking care of your skin, enhancing and bringing out the glow, which I LOVE.  So I would say there will continue to be many skin trends coming. Brands are focusing on adding skincare to their line ups.

Throwback eras have been a bit of an influence in beauty lately, do you think this will continue?

I think there will always be homages to throwback eras within the beauty industry, you see it in the resurgence of the thin brow (not that I will be following that particular one personally!) or the 90’s super model overdrawn neutral lip. Throwback eras will never go away, everything is cyclical and it’s up to us how we adapt to that particular influence in our beauty regime.  

L-R: Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush; Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation; Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask; MECCA MAX Gloss Boss Lip Gloss

What innovative products are you loving right now?

All-in-one products.  A product that can be used on your eyes, cheeks and lips is always such a cool way to go. People want high touch products that have many uses and ways to wear them. We love to experiment but not be over complicated.

Something like Gucci Westman’s brand Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush (seen above). It is a perfect example of those cool go-to products that are innovative in the formula and texture but also have multiple uses. Who doesn’t love a creamy texture you can dab onto you skin with fingers to create a soft, fresh look that’s packed full of ethically-sourced and natural ingredients like jojoba oil and BerryFlux Vita extract? Yes please!

 What lip looks or products do you think will increase in popularity?

 That super-hydrated lip is still not only important but such a beautiful look. We see this with the likes of Mrs Bieber and her puckered-up, lip-gloss Instagram stories and I am and always will be here for it. I personally wouldn’t be without my The Kissu Lip Mask by Tatcha or my many, many MECCA MAX Gloss Boss lip glosses in a variety of shades that seem to fill the entire bottom of my bag. 

 What key colours are you loving right now?

 I am always drawn to the warm tones, peaches, soft palettes. However, I love a pop of high pigmented colour on the eye, or lip, even the high planes of the face. My favorite is a fresh perfected makeup with a neon or high-pigment liner – super fun and elevates your look.

 What are some makeup approaches you think are a little tired and need to be retired or updated?

 I am slightly old-school in my makeup approach and what I tend to apply on myself and other people. So I have never been a fan of the baking, over-sculpting, contoured eyes and face look that we see. I do feel you need to adapt your approach to makeup looks and evolve your skill, but not at the cost of beautifully-applied and softer, unfiltered trends.


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