Designer to know: Ovna Ovich

Marina Davis’ resume already looked impressive prior to her launching ethically minded Ovna Ovich. After studying at Massey University, Toi Whakkari and Central Saint Martins in London, Davis worked as a textile breakdown artist for Sir Peter Jackson and head designer for like-minded sustainable fashion brand, Kowtow.

Materials then function always come before aesthetics when designing says Davis – her collections feature naturally renewable and biodegradable fibres, trims are chosen for their sustainable characteristics and all production is done in New Zealand. And while Ovna Ovich is a relatively young label, it has already been recognised for its sustainable edge – Davis’ label has been finalist in the Global Sustainable Fashion Awards and is an Ethical Fashion Forum Fellowship 500 Member – a group of global sustainable fashion innovators. “Usually a thought will pop into mind that intrigues me and that I want to spend some time with. I then base the theme of the collection around that, which informs the palette, forms, and setting,” says Davis. “My aim is to layer a meaning underneath the work and to also weave in references to the current times.” Her new collection, Chapter Seven: Always the More, Never the Less, which was shown at New Zealand Fashion Week, is available now.

We think: Davis’ materials-first approach is to be admired.

She says: “An inquisitive, free spirited, self-assured yet kind woman who enjoys feeling effortlessly elegant,” is in mind when designing.

Must-Have: The Niko shirt and Segdah dress – two versatile pieces we see transcending seasons.


Skincare must-haves that will get your skin glowing

Radiant, healthy skin starts with the right skincare. These STYLE approved must-haves will get your skin glowing in no time.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Illuminating Enzyme Mask, ($130)

“This is your all natural answer to a peel,” says Tracy May-Harriott, international director of education for Elizabeth Arden PRO. The mask contains three different digestive enzymes – pumpkin, papaya and pineapple – that dissolve dead skin cells, unlike chemical ingredients, which May-Harriott explains can also exfoliate living cells. As well as banish lacklustre complexions, anti-inflammatory ginger nourish skin. “What the other half of the mask does is really calm the skin; it repairs and hydrate to restore the skin after any sun damage. It’s really the best of both worlds.”

Bobbi Brown Remedies ($78 each)

The future of beauty is tailor-made to target individual concerns and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is ahead of the pack with innovative skincare creation, Remedies. “Remedies has been a long-time dream of mine,” says beauty guru Bobbi Brown. “I had this idea for a solution-oriented skincare apothecary that used only a few key ingredients and addressed specific skin concerns. Years later, as healthy living became a big part of my overall beauty philosophy, it seemed like the perfect time to make Remedies a reality,” she explains. To bring her vision to life, Brown teamed up with a traditional medicine practitioner and acupuncturist; the end result, explains Brown, is six considered skin treatments formulated with potent ingredients to combat any skin issue. “Think of them as superfoods for your face that work their magic underneath your makeup. They are truly the perfect fusion of beauty and wellness—it’s the ultimate skin enhancer.”

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil ($65)

Despite the leaps and bounds the beauty industry has been making innovation wise, removing every trace of stubborn make-up has remained a challenge. Up until now that is; budge-proof mascara and water-proof formulations have finally their its match. Kiehl’s has answered all our beauty prayers with new Midnight Recovery Cleansing. The cleanser’s potent blend of nature’s best oils washes away the day – impurities, oil and make-up – prepping skin for the next step in your night regimen.

La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo, ($490)

Not all wrinkles are created equal, so purveyors of luxury skincare La Prairie have pioneered a formulation that targets three types of fine lines: expression lines, wrinkles caused by sun damage, and gravity-related lines. Designed to be used morning and evening, the dual-chambered Line Interception Power Duo combines two powerful formulations that work to restore youthfulness to skin right around the clock. A trio of peptides inhibit ageing pathways and encourage production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, reducing the formation of lines – and the formula is packed with an SPF30 to keep further sun damage at bay.