Celebrating Prince Louis: A Glance Back at Six Years of Birthday Portraits


Celebrating Prince Louis: A Glance Back at Six Years of Birthday Portraits
Since his birth on April 23, 2018, Prince Louis has captured hearts with his adorable smile and lively spirit. Remember the Coronation?

Each year, the royal family has graciously shared glimpses of his growing personality through carefully curated photographs. As we celebrate another milestone in his young life, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the charming birthday portraits that have marked his journey thus far.


Year One: A Precious Introduction

Prince Louis made his grand debut to the world on April 23, 2018, and just a few days later, on May 5th, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released his first official portrait. Taken by his mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the intimate photograph captured the innocence of infancy as Louis slept peacefully in his cozy white sweater. It was a heartwarming introduction to the newest member of the royal family.

prince louis

Year Two: A Bundle of Joy

As Louis turned one, the royal family celebrated with a series of delightful snapshots taken by his talented mother. Released in honour of his first birthday on April 23, 2019, the images showcased Louis’ joyful personality as he explored the great outdoors.

prince louis

From playing with sticks to flashing his toothy grin, each photograph radiated with the boundless energy and curiosity of toddlerhood.

Photo credit: The Duchess of Cambridge

Year Three: Toddler Adventures

By his second birthday, Prince Louis was already showing signs of his adventurous spirit. In the birthday portraits released on April 23, 2020, Louis was captured with his hands painted in vibrant colours, proudly displaying his artwork.

Photo credit: The Duchess of Cambridge

The playful images reflected his growing independence and creativity, offering a glimpse into his evolving personality.

Year Four: A Captivating Smile

As Louis turned four, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a series of candid portraits taken by his mother in honour of his special day. In these charming photographs, Louis showcased his infectious smile and undeniable charm as he posed for the camera. The image was once again taken by his mother at Kensington Palace, shortly before he left for his first day of nursery at the Willcocks Nursery School. 

Prince Louis turns four

Year Five: Outdoor Adventures

In celebration of his fifth birthday on April 23, 2022, Prince Louis enjoyed a day of outdoor adventures captured through a series of candid snapshots. From exploring the lush greenery to playing in the garden, Louis radiated happiness and excitement in every photograph. His love for nature and boundless energy were evident as he embraced the wonders of the world around him.

Prince louis turns 6

Year Six: A Growing Prince

As Prince Louis turns six, the Prince and Princess of Wales again shared a portrait of the young Prince. The picture was taken by Catherine in Windsor where the family lives. From the looks of things, Prince Louis has lost his first tooth!


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