Caring for Hair at Home

Glossy, bouncy  hair might seem like something we’re only blessed with after stepping out of the salon. But Joico ambassador and owner of Cocoon Hair Design, Felicity Bruce says it’s definitely possible to recreate radiant tresses at home.

Bruce explains there is no one-size-fits-all approach to keeping locks luscious. “Your hairdresser needs to prescribe the correct products for you,” she says, suggesting you talk with your hairdresser about any issues.

While all hair colours need extra love and attention at times, those with blonde hair need to pay extra attention to the products and routine they’re using. “The colouring process is very different,” explains Bruce. “That’s why you need products that have been created to repair and maintain the health of the hair; it’s about using products that work best for the chemical process.”

Bruce recommends Joico’s Blonde Life range which consists of a shampoo, conditioner, mask and the newly launched Brightening Veil – an innovative detangler that helps soften and protect blonde hair. “Some blondes have tuggy ends, having a detangling spray can soften the hair to blow dry,” explains Bruce. “Brightening Veil strengthens the hair without overdoing it.” After your normal haircare routine, lightly spray the product in to detangle and add shine, protection and strength. “It protects from mechanical damage, thermal damage and UV damage too.”

As for natural blondes, Bruce says Blonde Life is the perfect solution for them too. “Sometimes people with naturally blonde hair are susceptible to brassiness, [but] they just want to keep their natural blonde colour healthy,” she explains. According to Bruce that’s exactly what the collection does – it eliminates brassiness without overtoning. “Natural blondes can have mechanical damage and UV damage and it’s just about making it stronger and shinier.”

Proenza Schouler to launch new diffusion line

Fashion label Proenza Schouler is launching a new line later this year called White Label.

Founded in 2002 by designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, the New York-based brand is known for its quality womenswear and accessories. Earlier this year they celebrated their 15th anniversary.

The label’s latest venture, White Label, aims to be a more accessible collection. It consists of casual everyday wear, from denim and t-shirts to staple basics. The price range will contrast Proenza Schouler’s expensive pieces, making it the ultimate essential range for your wardrobe.