18 Health Stories That Got Us Thinking


18 Health Stories That Got Us Thinking
The MiNDFOOD team take a look at the 18 Health Stories That Got Us Thinking.

Editor-in-chief, Michael McHugh: Why Cooking Makes You Happy. Take mindfulness, creativity and a dash of focus. Fold together gently, bake in a slow oven and watch your spirits rise.


Art Director, Katrin Mastrofilippo: 8 Reasons to Embrace Ageing Kate Marie, founder of the Slow Ageing Movement, gives us eight reasons why being older can lead to a happier state, and why you should embrace ageing.


Designer, Joanna-Marie Davey: Types of Anxiety and How To Manage Anxiety affects many of us, in many different ways. Discover the various kinds of anxiety and try our top tips for coping with this condition.


Chief Sub-Editor, Daniel Davis: Are You Addicted To Sugar? Adults consume approximately 27 teaspoons of sugar a day, but the World Health Organisation recommends limiting intake to just 6-9 teaspoons. Find out why sugar is leaving a bad taste in our mouths.


Deputy Chief Sub-Editor: 3 Herbs and Spices To Soothe Headaches Take a holistic approach to relieving migraine pain with these simple solutions.


Food Director, Michelle McHugh: Eating for healthy bones Bones can become increasingly fragile and lose minerals over the years so it’s important to keep them healthy by eating the right foods. Here’s what you need to know to keep bones strong.


Lifestyle Editor, Donna Dugan: Top Tips for Healthy Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a potential killer if left untreated. Reduce your risk of developing the condition with these lifestyle and dietary tips.


Style and Beauty Editor, Nicole Saunders: Sugar Coated This series looks at different ways to educate ourselves on the sugar content of the “healthy” food, deciphering nutrition labels.


Online Producer, Nikki Addison: Is Your Pet Helping Your Mental Health? Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can have a devastating effect on our sense of wellbeing. Dogs, horses and other animals are proven to enhance human happiness by providing comfort, support and companionship.


Online Producer, Caitlin McHugh: Beauty with a Conscience Change is in the air. Ethical, eco-friendly beauty and looking natural is key to this year’s makeup and skincare trends.


Advertising Manager, Angela Earl: Practicing Gratitude Research shows there are genuine health benefits to being grateful. Here’s how to put it into practice


Advertising Director, Karey Walker: Making Good Relationships Great A good relationship may develop through shared experiences, but a great relationship requires that something extra.

Account Director, Catherine Ribiere: Train your brain  More than 353,800 Australians are currently living with dementia, and many people think cognitive decline is inevitable. But just like muscles in the body, the brain can be exercised and strengthened to help it perform well into old age – so how do we do that?


National Advertising Manager, Julie Davidson: 20 Easy Tips to a Happier Life Try these simple tips to add a bit of sunshine to your day.

Advertising Coordinator, Alicia Giudice: 10 Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep  10 Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep – Dr. Ron Ehrlich shares his top tips for healthy sleep.


Advertising Coordinator, Phillipa Monro: The Benefits of Boredom Sports, music and more: these days people feel obliged to schedule their lives – and those of their children – with constant activity. But what about the advantages of doing nothing for a while?


Integration Manager, Lillian McHugh: Adult Acne Adult acne is unfortunately a very common skin disorder which often causes emotional distress. Dermatologist Dr John Sullivan talks about the condition and how to get it under control.


Accountant, Julie Baker: Is This The Biggest Health Crisis Of Our Time? Is This The Biggest Health Crisis Of Our Time? – “They butchered you. It’s like a patchwork quilt down there.”



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