Peter Jackson’s Single Canapé Tostaditas

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Peter Jackson’s Single Canapé Tostaditas. Looking for a way to impress guests this party season? You can’t go past this delicious crowd-pleaser. 

How to make one of Peter Jackson’s star dishes: Ceviche trevally, yellow corn tostaditas, coconut salad, melon, hibiscus tiger’s milk, Riesling chili agua, lemongrass edible ants, chicharron & micro coriander.

Making a singular Tostadita

In a bowl place 15 grams of trevally, sea salt and fresh lime juice 10 mls. The fish will slightly cook this will allow the fish to cure.

Lay down a yellow corn Tostadita.

Spoon on 10 grams coconut salad and spread out.

Once the trevally has been siting for 15 minutes (Which will allow the fish to properly cure) strain out the lime juice and add 5 grams of finely diced red onion and 5 grams of chopped coriander and 10 ml of hibiscus tiger’s milk, mix to combine and place on top of the coconut salad.

Place finely diced melon (Rock, honeydew & watermelon) on top of the fish.

Sprinkle 2 grams of chicharron – pork crackling over the melon.

Disperse foam over the chicharron to form a stiff peak.

Sprinkle 1 gram of lemongrass edible ants over the foam.

Place 5 x micro coriander on top of the foam.

Coconut Salad 

300g  grated fresh coconut (peeled)
200g  coconut cream

Mix fresh coconut and coconut cream well.

Hibiscus dressing (Makes 1L)

600ml  cider vinegar
100g caster sugar
100g grated frozen galangal
5g dried hibiscus
200ml   water
100ml   extra virgin oil

In a suitable container, place the vinegar and sugar and bring to the boil.

Transfer the grated galangal into a container and pour over the boiling pickling liquor. Allow too sit as is and cool.

Now bring the water to the boil, then add the hibiscus and allow too sit until cool.

Strain both liquors into a mixing bowl and whisk in the extra virgin oil. Check seasoning and pour into a squeezy bottle. Refrigerate.

Red chili puree – for the Riesling agua foam (Makes 1.1kg)


1kg Red cayenne or Jalapeno chilies
100gm water

Remove stalks and place chilies into the bar blender and fill half way up with water.

Process chilies until they have broken down. We are after a product that is not so textural.

Pour contents into a strainer or chinois and allow water to drain.

Now transfer chilli water into a container.

Riesling chili agua foam (makes 250 grams)

50g Chili water
30g Sugar
3g Gelatin
16gm Egg white
150ml Riesling

Dissolve the sugar and gelatin. Combine the chili water, sugar and gelatin and warm until dissolved

Chill the syrup until cold.

Combine the syrup with the egg white and Riesling. Mix in a bar blender until combined

Pour into a cold 1 ltr whipping siphon.

Charge the siphon with one N2O cartridge. Shake well.

Test the foam for consistency. It should have a velvety appearance and just hold a peak.

If the foam is not quite stiff enough you can charge the siphon a second time.


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