Mediterranean Baked Whole Snapper with Clams and Olive Dressing

Mediterranean Baked Whole Snapper with Clams and Olive Dressing
Celebrate the sea's bounty with this Mediterranean Baked Whole Snapper, served with Clams & Olives Dressing.

Whether you’re hosting a special gathering or craving a restaurant-quality dish at home, this Baked Whole Snapper with Clams and Olive Dressing is sure to transport you to the azure coastlines with each delicious bite.

Mediterranean Baked Whole Snapper with Clams and Olive Dressing Recipe

Serves 6-8


1.5kg whole snapper, gutted and cleaned

1 lemon, thinly sliced

500g small clams, rinsed

4 cloves garlic, crushed

½ cup dry white wine

1 cup good quality fish stock

40g unsalted butter, chopped

Lemon wedges, to serve

Greek basil leaves, to serve

Olive Dressing

¾ cup pitted green Sicilian olives, chopped

2 tbsp toasted pine nuts, chopped

2 tbsp lemon juice

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil


Preheat oven to 220°C (200°C fan forced). Cut 4 slashes on each side of the deepest part of the snapper. Stuff the cavity with lemon slices and season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

Place the clams, garlic, wine, stock and butter in the base of a deep-sided roasting tray and gently toss to combine. Place a lightly greased wire roasting rack over the clams and place the fish on top. Cover tightly with foil and bake for 15 minutes. Uncover and cook for a further 15 minutes, or until fish is golden, the fish is cooked through and the clams are open. Discard any unopened clams.

Meanwhile, to make olive dressing, combine olives, pine nuts, lemon juice and olive oil together. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve fish with clams, pan juices and olive dressing. Serve with lemon wedges and basil leaves.

Smart Tip:

You can use two small snapper instead of one large one. Swap the snapper for 2 x 750g snappers. For a real seafood showstopper, why not add 400g peeled green prawns to the recipe with the clams.


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