The MiNDFOOD Podcast: Nicole Madigan, Journalist

This episode of The MiNDFOOD Podcast, Michael McHugh speaks with journalist, Nicole Madigan.

Nicole was a writer of one of our most popular stories of the year so far, ‘A generation of boys struggling to cope‘.

In the article and this podcast, Nicole explores how boys are struggling to cope. Providing ways parents can change the narrative and help boys to thrive. 

Nicole has also recently released her new book – Obsession. After being the victim of stalking for over three years, Nicole shares how her own story helped her examine the psychology behind stalking behaviours and their impact on victim-survivors. Whether by a stranger, acquaintance or former partner, stalking can have a devastating effect on a victim-survivor’s mental, social and financial wellbeing. At its worst, it can lead to physical violence, even death.



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