Hair experts share their ‘stuck at home’ styling tips and treatments 

Hair feeling a bit blah? If you’re confined to home, look on the bright side and use the opportunity to give your hair a little love or consider a low-key, achievable tweak or what you might change next time you’re in the salon. 

We asked the experts how to use this time to your hair’s advantage, and how to get hair in great condition for spring.

Ali Holmes, co-owner, Wildlife Sogo Surry Hills 

Lockdowns are a great opportunity for change  when it comes to your hair. 

Go with your regrowth and be open to what you see. Some people have realised they have feature panels of grey or blonde and we can enhance them. It also allows the hair to recoup and get healthier again allowing us to do whatever we choose. 

People with fringes can wave them as they get longer and create a cool shag with longer lengths up front. Goldwell do a soft colour called Goldwell Colorance, which is a semi-permanent colour mousse and totally non-committal and won’t ruin any changes you might like to make when you get back into the salon.

Try using masks and treatments mixed with leave-in sprays to get hair in great condition. Now’s the time to saturate your hair with moisture and proteins. Goldwell Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask is fantastic. It has Keratin in it so restores the hair at the same time it moisturises it. I like to use masks and treatments instead of my conditioner at this time of year giving it a good boost. Not all masks and treatments can do this though and need to be followed with a conditioner, so make sure you ask your hairdresser.

Gene ‘Ed’ Edwards, Redken stylist and creative director, Oscar & Co

You can’t go past a great treatment. Moisture is really important and protein is the best as our hair is about 70 percent protein, it always needs more. So while in lockdown take that top knot out and give your hair some love and put a treatment in and leave it in all day. If you don’t have a treatment or mask on hand just put in a bit more conditioner than you normally would use and leave it in all day!

My absolute best products are the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Range. Ideally you would start with a salon-only prescriptive treatment in this range then take home the shampoo and
conditioner and leave-in perfecting treatment which is my pick for best product. This range will leave your hair feeling soft and silky but also incredibly strong even after one treatment.

L-R: Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo; Joico Defy Damage Sleepover Overnight Nourishing Treatment; Goldwell Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask; Oribe Power Drops Damage Repair Booster; Kerastase Blond Absolu Huile Cica Extreme Oil.

Felicity Bruce, Joico ambassador and owner, Cocoon Hair Design

This is a great time to try a few things, different partings, different up styles, hair accessories. No one can see you and you can get used to them. I got onto YouTube and Pinterest and tried loads of different ways to wear scarves and wraps in my hair, wore them around the house, now I feel more confident to wear them in public. 

In terms of hair health, good hair results in two ways: inside and out. You need a balanced diet with a focus on healthy hair nutrients, plus a really easy home care regimen. Ask your stylist what they think your hair needs then match it with your lifestyle and how you feel about it, you will come up with the right prescription for your hair needs.

I have also been using Joico Defy Damage Sleepover every day. It is all about bond regeneration, strength, less breakage and maintains colour vibrancy. Simply apply to dry hair before bed, get up in the morning and you don’t need to rinse it out. I have naturally coarse, curly hair that dreads so badly in winter and it has worked it’s magic.

Natasha Archer, master stylist, Mods Hair

Use the opportunity of being stuck at home to treat, treat and treat some more! When it’s time to visit the salon, walk in there with the best canvas possible. Oribe Power Drops Damage Repair Boosters are a game changer.

 Coming into spring if you’re outside, UV protection should be part of your daily routine just as it is with your skin. My fave is Oribe Invisible Defence Universal Protection Spray. It makes the hair feel like silk and it’s also a heat protectant.

Zoe Clark, director, INCO Studio

There are some awesome apps available to try different hair colours and styles. If you have access to salon products, trying a toning conditioner can be the perfect temporary way to try a new colour as they will fade out over time. Using a dry shampoo, texture or powder spray can be an easy way to amplify, add volume and support your style if you’re trying a new shape.

For hair health a treatment or mask is a must. There are some natural ingredients you can mix together if you only have access to your pantry, or ask your salon for their recommendations.  Treatments ensure your locks receive as much protein and moisture as needed.

My newest love is Kerastase Blond Absolu Huile Cica Extreme Oil. It’s a leave-in hair oil for damaged hair, for repair, growth, thickness and it also has heat protection. Perfect if you just want one product to use pre- and- post blow wave that will also repair your hair! It’s divine!

The cult serum that’s been transformed into a eye treatment

When it comes to skincare, serum holds the crown for MVP of your routine. Why? Because in comparison, it has the ability to do more when it comes to transforming your skin, as it holds the highest concentrations of active ingredients, formulated with smaller molecules that go deeper into the cellular level of skin, working quickly and effectively to deliver results you can see.

When it comes to a serum with cult status? Clarins Double Serum certainly fits the bill.

Its anti-ageing, double-phase moisture and lipid formula was groundbreaking when it was first developed back in 1985 and it has continually remained a bestseller (and beauty editor favourite!) since. Like other influential technology, lifestyle and communication items we now use day to day, it’s been regularly re-evaluated and updated (eight times so far) over the years to ensure exceptional performance, including its dual-chamber delivery system that means its formula only combines when it is applied. As skincare science and ingredient discoveries around natural plant extracts advance, Double Serum has evolved to continually offer better solutions for meeting the challenges our skin currently faces.

Now that expertise has been extended to specifically cater for the eye area, given it has some of its own unique demands and often shows the signs of ageing more prominently.


Like each of its new releases, Clarins Double Serum Eye makes the most of Clarins’ ongoing discoveries around the way skin functions and the plant extracts that can improve those functions.

As we age, the eye area can experience a slowdown in the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection. The consequences? Wrinkles and fine lines become more marked, dark circles and puffiness accentuated, slackening and even dull-looking skin.

With three years of research and nearly 200 plants studied, the experts at Clarins Laboratories in France selected organic Wild Chervil extract for use in the new eye serum, chosen for its significant ability to help the skin regain strength and vitality.

The extract has been combined with turmeric extract, a powerful antioxidant that Clarins had previously found boosts those five vital functions of happy, healthy skin and has been the star of Double Serum for the face since it was last reformulated to rely on new plant science in 2017.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, the eye serum also relies on 12 other beneficial and powerful plant extracts.


Clarins Double Serum Eye counters the things many of us notice about the eye area when we look in the mirror such as wrinkles, dullness, dark circles and puffiness. It also protects against those we cannot see, like environmental damage. Its silky, lightweight texture, which offers the cooling, tightening effect of a gel with the comfort of a cream, is thanks to the way those unique plant extracts are housed and dispensed. The anti-ageing extracts soluble in water are housed in one chamber, and those soluble in oil in another. At a press of the pump, they are delivered together, ensuring each beneficial ingredient is preserved for peak performance.

On blending together the serum feels fresh and absorbs quickly, the hydrolipidic system and nourishing formula perfectly attuned to the natural state of skin around the eye area so it quickly gets to work assisting in a smooth and rested-looking appearance.

To apply, simply warm the serum between fingertips and gently press into skin around the eye area including beneath the eye from inner corner out towards the temples, eyelids from the inner corner out towards the temples and between the eyebrows, on frown lines.

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