Rapunzel for a day

Milly Nolan tests out Jessica Simpson-inspired hair extensions and becomes Rapunzel for a day, on MiNDFOOD.

Created by renowned Los Angeles hair stylist Ken Paves and his muse Jessica Simpson, the HairDo Clip-in Hair Extensions add length and volume to your hair in only a matter of minutes.

Hollywood hair made easy, the multi-level piece is offered in various lengths and in straight or softly waved textures, which once attached look just like human hair.

Given the opportunity to try the new extensions, which are exclusive to Servilles hair salons in New Zealand, I opted for screen siren glamour by adding an eighteen-inch, wavy blonde hairpiece to my medium-length hair.

To begin the process, the hairdresser curled my hair with irons to match the texture of the extensions and then divided my hair into sections so she could clip the hairpiece to the middle section of my crown in four places.

The hairpiece is hidden under the top layer of hair so you can’t see where it has been clasped. SEE PICTURES TO THE RIGHT.

Having a very small head, the width of the hairpiece was actually too large to clip onto my hair at both sides, so the hairdresser needed to secure it with bobby-pins, although in most cases this would be unnecessary and all it takes is a few minutes to attach.

Once the hairpiece was in place, I was surprised that my new, cascading curls looked like they could have been my own.

While the shade of blonde of the extensions was slightly lighter than my own, the difference was so minimal that it wouldn’t have been obvious to an onlooker.

A way to overcome this problem however, and especially if you are planning on wearing the extensions often, is to have your hair coloured to match the exact shade of the hairpiece. Available in sixteen natural, multi-tonal shades there are plenty of desirable colours to choose from.

With my new locks fashioned into a trendy side pony, I left the hair salon feeling like a new me. Having fine, medium-length hair normally, it felt odd having so much hair around my face as well as hanging down my back.

The sheer volume and weight of the hairpiece combined with my own made me wish that my hair was naturally that thick and luscious.

While the end-effect did scream LA and hinted at celebrities such as Paris Hilton and dare I say it, Britney Spears, it was fun to wear and I can definitely see the appeal.

The beauty of the hairpiece is that it can be taken out as quickly as it is put in (unless you’re as uncoordinated as me).

If you wanted to achieve a subtler look than the long curls I tested, you can work the hairpiece into a French roll or an up-do of your choice – perfect for ball season or to wear to a wedding.

While trying to put the hairpiece in my own hair for a second time proved to be very fiddly (mainly due to the small size of my head) I will definitely be making a trip to the hairdresser with my synthetic locks in tow when the next special occasion arises.

Hairdo is available now at all Servilles Hair Salons.


18″ wavy clip in extensions RRP $189.00

23″ wavy clip in extensions RRP$199.00

22″ straight clip in extensions RRP $199.00


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