Hamilton Gardens are already a worldwide attraction and now there is an extra reason to visit.

Its new Tudor Garden has just been unveiled. It adds another history-based chapter to its “story of gardens” which also feature a Japanese Garden of Contemplation, English Flower Garden, Italian Renaissance Garden, Indian Char Bagh Garden, American Modernist Garden, Chinese Scholars Garden, Victorian Flower Garden, New Zealand Cutivar Garden, Herb Garden, Kitchen Garden, Sustainable Backyard and Tropical Garden to name a few!

The Tudor Garden has been under construction for three years and based upon drawings by Didymus Mountain (pen name of 16th century writer Thomas Hill).

Carved mythical beasts perch on green and white striped poles throughout the Garden and hold sculptural crests of some of the “rock stars” of Tudor times including privateer Sir Francis Drake.

Tudor for web 2

Hamilton Gardens director Peter Sergel says the traditional Tudor Garden, nestled alongside the Waikato River, reflects the fascination 16th century English aristocracy had with geometric patterns and symbolism.

“The style is also very distinctive because of the use of beasts and animals on poles, which were very common in fantasy gardens,” Sergel says.

Four more “fantasy” gardens are planned for Hamilton Gardens over the next few years – Concept Garden, Mansfield Garden, Picturesque Garden and Surrealist Garden.

The Hamilton Gardens are also home to live bee hives, installed through a new partnership between Hamilton City Council and local beekeepers Sweetree Honey, who are part of the Hamilton Farmers Market.

Admission to the gardens is free.


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