Ghesquiere’s travel diary

A collection is like a travel diary. It’s an open-ended journey into the world that reflects the daring paths of the spirit, says Nicolas Ghesquiere creative director of Louis Vuitton.

He describes his autumn/winter 15-16 collection for Louis Vuitton is a sentimental adventure made of scattered inspirations and great aspirations. And it has only one means of locomotion – intuition.

We love where Ghesquiere’s intuition has led, producing what is perhaps his most beautiful collection to date for Louis Vuitton since he took over the reigns in November 2013.

“The intuition of a garment and the way it’s orchestrated are the key to style,” says Ghesquiere. “Understanding the excellence of a basic – the better to take it somewhere singularly imaginative – will always be the best path. This collection is a proposition of style, an invitation on a journey about finding the momentum to transcend what we know so well in order to take it toward something we’d like to discover.”

Zoolander just got real at Valentino

It was a walk off at Valentino yesterday at the fashion house’s autumn/winter 2015-16 collection presentation when Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) took to the runway, much to the delight of everyone present. There were screams of delight. Even Anna Wintour was amused.

As fashion moments go it was a fantastic coup for Valentino, taking a light hearted look at the fashion industry, while also presenting a drop-dead gorgeous collection.

Stiller and Wilson’s appearance leads to conjecture that the long-awaited Zoolander sequel is coming soon (thought to be February 2016).

The pair pouted the famous ‘blue steel’ pout at the end of the runway. Industry pundits reckon Derek Zoolander still does it better. Is it his look after all. The question is, has he managed to create new look for Zoolander 2?