Connect in colour

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make work a little easier. Studies have shown that a neat desk space improves quality of thought, memory and overall happiness. However, finding space for the various, aesthetically unappealing cables that seem to rule our lives – often hinders our ability to de-clutter and de-stress.

Enter the latest in lust worthy accessories for the stylish professional – the Belkin MIXIT range. Not only do these cables fit together like a big old happy family, but the designs themselves are enough to get people excited. Whilst USB’s and charging cables are usually an after-thought, delightful versions in silver, gold and black turn these items of need into items of want.

After all, who doesn’t like a little bit of platinum adorning their desk?

Satisfying arrangements of everyday objects that are strangely soothing for the soul

Are you the kind of person who gets the urge to straighten things in other people’s homes? Do you feel the need to group things in colours, shapes and sizes? Then you may find the following images soothing for the soul.

A photographer from Austin, Texas, Emily Blincoe, creates beautiful, colourful and soothing photos of everyday objects by arranging them into neat and orderly collections based on size, shape and color.

The simple and beautiful patterns in her images are profoundly calming, and they also show that beautiful art can be made from just about anything!

Just the thing we need as we wind down for the weekend!

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