Luxury At Your Fingertips

Formerly known as Evolution of Surfaces, Architectural Products & Technologies should be your go-to for everything surfaces.

They’re back with better-than-ever technology, bringing you innovation, as well as luxury, in the world of surfaces.

Introducing Fenix, a new generation of nano-technology surfaces from Arpa Industriale in Italy, made unique by its special characteristics.

You could say Fenix has had to jump through all sorts of hoops to become the revolutionary product it is today. After going through an Electron Beam Curing process, FenixNTM has a range of characteristics that make the material anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable, so much so that it can withstand knocks and scratches. Should the surface get scratched, superficial microscratches can be thermally healed and fixed in no time.

FenixNTM is also water-repellent and hygienic thanks to being resistant to mould. This makes it the perfect surface for food, as it’s very easy to clean.

Available in a range of the most popular colours including black, FenixNTM has a range of uses in both horizontal and vertical applications in a variety of applications including benchtops, cabinetry, furniture, doors to name a view.

For more information, click here to visit the Architectural Products & Technologies website, and talk with your designer or architect.

Click below for a sneak peak of their range.

Baksana Winter Luxury

Baksana means ‘take a look’ in Turkish. Known for their eye-catching products that invite you into their story, luxury homeware brand Baksana is synonymous with luxury. Also known for their clean, crisp, simple but elegant look, Baksana always provides the utmost in comfort and functionality.

Just like us, Baksana know that it’s about more than just the thread count. So they’re back this winter to celebrate the cooler months with the latest luxurious cottons and current European styles.

Rich colours, artistic prints and beautiful floral designs are a few standout features of the collection.

Baksana is proudly designed in New Zealand and made in Europe, in accordance with international quality and environmental practices. All the dyes used in their textiles are guaranteed to be derived organically and are environmentally friendly.

Click here to find a Baksana retailer near you through Baksana’s helpful store locator on their website.

Stockists in Auckland include Smith & Caugheys, Allium Interiors, Harvey Normans, Sleep Gallery, Bed Post as well as other smaller independent homewares retailers.