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World’s most polite thief leaves an apology note

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World’s most polite thief leaves an apology note

Polite thief leaves apology letter for stealing "itchy" blanket

World’s most polite thief leaves an apology note

It’s not often that a story about minor theft gives you the warm and fuzzies but this one is a little different.

As The NT Times reports, a homeless man broke into a car parked in Redfern and stole a blanket. He later returned the blanket with a note that read,

“Hi, I borrowed your blanket for a little while because I was cold and didn’t have anywhere to go. I hope you accept my apology for taking your stuff without asking. Kind regards, Blanket thief 🙂

PS The blanket is really itchy.”

The owner of the car, Bert Palin, 82, from East Gosford on the NSW Central Coast, found it after returning home from a trip to Sydney.

Palin told the NY times, ‘It was obviously a male or female of some education to have written it the way they did and to break into my car then say “thank you” and “P.S. your blanket was itchy”… it was breathtaking,’ he said.

‘I washed the blanket after that because I was concerned about it being itchy.’

In any case, whether it was a prank or genuine, here’s to good manners (and donating unwanted, preferably non-itchy, blankets to those in need).

As for Mr. Palin, he told the NT Times that he’s forgiven the thief, though would prefer they kept out of his car in the future.

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