What the Stars are Watching on TV

By Michele Manelis

What the Stars are Watching on TV
MiNDFOOD sat down with our favourite celebrities to find out what they like to watch when their not acting.


“I watch way too much cable news.  I also love Silicon Valley, and I love Modern Family.  I’ve been watching 
The Sopranos and I love Boardwalk Empire, The Americans.  I love streaming and I especially love Downtown Abbey.  I’m obsessed with Downtown Abbey!   Sometimes I put the theme on my headphones and just vacuum my house.  I get out my feather duster (laughs).  I highly recommend it.”


“I watch Episodes with Matt Le Blanc.  I love it for the same reasons as I loved Seinfeld, I loved Friends, I loved Mad Men, and I love House of Cards.  I also loved Cheers and the fact they stayed in the bar and rarely left it.  The tag line ‘where everyone loves your name,’ is that you go to a place that is so familiar and you go to it each week. Love that.”


“I love seeing how much weight the contestants lose each week on The Biggest Loser.”


“I love Ray Donovan, Empire, Orange is the New Black, and of course, Grace and Frankie.  And I’m really into Homeland.  Love that show.”


“I binge-watched the first series of True Detective.  And I watched it in a cabin in the woods.  It was the most perfect and worst way of watching it. I also binge-watched Transparent which I adored.”


“I watch UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and I love to see if Connor McGregor has knocked someone out.”


“I love Orange is the New Black.  That is so fun.  I also watch Transparent which makes me uncomfortable and I love that feeling of being uncomfortable and being fearful and insecure and vulnerable.  I also love Viola Davis in How to Get Away with Murder.  I love Taraji P. Henson in Empire – that is just fierce.  I love Mindy Kaling in her show in The Mindy Project.  I love and have always admired Lena Dunham and the work she does in Girls. There are so many women to be inspired by and how have opened doors for so many of us.”


“I watch sports on TV.  I love the women’s cup – I love to watch golf.  I’m so impressed with everyone doing all this binge watching.  But where do they find the time to watch every episode of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?”


“I love the Food Network.  I am a mommy and I’m a woman now, I’m no longer a girl and I like do-it-yourself channels.  I also love watching crime shows at night like 48 Hour Mystery and Dateline.  I’m very curious about human behaviour and how people react to certain situations.  My husband, Marco, and I watch True Detective.”


“I never binge-watched anything in my life until Larry Sanders in the early 90s and I would get VHS tapes sent to me. But I recognise now that time has passed me by and I need to binge watch so ask me next time and I’ll have a list!”



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