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What should a simple skincare routine look like?

By Cover Media via Reuters Connect

What should a simple skincare routine look like
A skincare routine doesn't have to take hours to be effective.

Google Trends has reported that searches for “simple skincare routine” are up by 120%.

It is not always achievable to have a nine-step skincare routine, even if it has been recommended by your favourite influencer.

Cecilia Ross, founder of Cecilia London and top London facialist and skincare expert, has shared her top tips for creating a simple skincare routine.


Cleansing should be the first step of every skincare routine.

“Cleansing your skin is so important, particularly in the evening. Cleaning off make-up, debris and dirt at the end of a day means your skin can breathe through the night and regulate oil production,” Cecilia explains.

Regarding how often you should cleanse, she states, “The answer is always simple – always cleanse in the evening, this can be a double cleanse if you are wearing make-up or if for your second cleanse you’re using a different product to treat a specific concern such as acne.”


Moisturising is key for all skin types as it prevents your skin from becoming dehydrated.

Hyaluronic acid is perfect for deep hydration for all skin types, particularly if you find moisturiser too heavy for your skin,” the expert notes.


Exfoliating is great for smoothing your skin as well as getting rid of dead skin cells.

“Using an exfoliating acid or retinol is perfect for brightening and smoothing whilst also increasing cellular turnover,” Cecilia states. “Which exfoliator you use depends on what your skin can tolerate. If retinol is too strong for your skin, then a salicylic acid will usually work well.

“Be sure to not use more than one exfoliator in your routine as you don’t want to break down your skin’s barrier.”


Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays with sunscreen and other methods like cover ups or a hat is vital when it comes to skincare.

“UVA/UVB protection is essential all year round. It will protect your skin against harmful UV rays that penetrate through your skin even on a cloudy/rainy day,” the skincare expert advises. “It also acts as extra protection against various weather extremes such as harsh winds. Most people find their skin is better in the summer, however, it is a short-term fix with long-term consequences such as pigmentation, rosacea/extreme sensitivity and dryness.”

Monthly facial

A monthly facial can help to revive your skin.

“A monthly facial is ideal for a deeper exfoliation, a chance to de-clog the pores and for intense hydration,” Cecilia says. “My Glow Facial (involving a botanically based peel, hydrating mask, massage and LED light therapy) will treat all skin concerns and leave you with long-lasting results.”

Deeper treatment twice a year

If you want to treat your skin, consider booking yourself in for a deeper treatment twice a year.

“Having a deeper treatment such as micro-needling or laser resurfacing gives your skin the boost it needs to look its best,” the expert suggests. “As we age, our skin cell turnover slows down and we slowly lose collagen each year. A deeper treatment will keep that collagen boosted, slowing down the ageing process and keeping the skin looking healthy.”


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