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Travel Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing


Travel Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing
Here's how to keep your skin hydrated and healthy when you're flying.

Starting a holiday with dehydrated skin can be a bit of a downer. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite travel beauty tips to keep skin healthy while travelling.

While it might seem like sunscreen should be the only beauty product that’s on our mind when we pack our travel beauty bag and head somewhere exotic, it’s not always that straight forward.  Unfortunately, stepping off of a long-haul flight with your skin in tip-top condition is easier said than done and more often than not, we disembark with a parched, unhappy complexion.

Because the circulation system of an aircraft must take in breathable air from outside of the plane, flying can wreak havoc on even the healthiest of skin.  The air outside of a plane at 36,000 feet tends to be extremely dry with a humidity of only 10 to 20 per cent. Compare that to the 40 to 70 per cent humidity most of us are used to, and it’s a recipe for a dehydrated-skin disaster.  

Fortunately, there are some clever travel beauty tips that will keep your skin glowing all flight long, ensuring you arrive at your destination glowing.

Ready for Takeoff

A well-prepared in-flight beauty regimen is only part of the solution; if you want to touch down at your destination with hydrated skin you need to start thinking about your routine before you even get to departure day.  When it comes to travel beauty tups, keeping on top of your usual skincare routine, both day and night is essential but holiday plans are the perfect opportunity to think about your skin health from the inside out.

A well-rounded diet is important in the lead up to a flight. Try to load up with water-retaining vegetables and fruit to plump up the skin from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water, eating whole foods, reducing your salt intake and getting eight hours of sleep should all be top of your pre-holiday beauty prep checklist. A handful of raw nuts each day will also help to boost the healthy oils in your skin.

Travel Beauty Tips
Our favourite in-flight beauty essentials clockwise from top left: Sephora Collection Lip Balm ($11); Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($38); Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender ($12 from Mecca); Lancome Advanced Genifique Hydrogel Melting Mask ($42 for one mask); Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask ($210); Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask ($77 from Mecca).


All Aboard

Applying a hydrating face mask a day prior to flying and travelling make-up free will help your skin retain moisture during the flight. Forgo the full-coverage foundation and board your flight with a plane with a clean, fresh face loaded with hydrating products.

But if the thought travelling bare-faced doesn’t appeal, try switching out your go-to make-up for something a little lighter. Try BB creams, brightening concealer, cream blush, water-soluble mascara and a tinted lip gloss. Whatever you do, avoid drying powders at all costs.

Up in the Air

Once you’re on the way, staying well-hydrated throughout the flight is not only good for your general well-being but is great for your skin too. Drink plenty of water, not just when you’re thirsty. A hydrating face mist is also helpful when your skin starts to feel a little dehydrated.

Slathering on an in-flight hydrating face mask is no longer a luxury afforded to those travelling in business class as there are a plethora of individual and sheet masks that are perfect for travel. Sheet masks make for easy disposal with no messy face and hands to clean up.

Once you’re on the ground with well-cared-for, healthy skin, it’s important to keep drinking plenty of water. When you arrive at your destination, refresh skin by cleansing it and applying your hydrating skincare regime including. And don’t forget the sunscreen no matter what season you are in.



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